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What inspires me?

Sometimes I get sidetracked and lose my focus on my project at hand.  Sometimes it is frustration due to unrealized expectations, sometimes it’s life’s little interruptions, I can go on an on.  Sometimes it’s this face.


005 My point is sometimes I need inspiration to get back into focus and continue my UFO Journey.   Sometimes I just need to be fueled by other quilters and their projects.   Pinterest is an awesome source of inspiration.  Ialso start surfing for Blogs of other quilterswho have similar interests..  I visit my favorite Blogs and see what projects they are displaying.

This is where I have been focusing lately.  I got frustrated with my UFO Basket BOM.  Executing the pattern, interpreting the pattern I let myself get bogged down.  I then turned my focus to one other UFO and dreaming about a project I have long wanted to try ,Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman.  I spent some time reading Sue’s Blog and mulling over whether I want to start yet another BOM.  Simple Bird Applique is offering a new BOM incorporating two of Sue’s patterns one being Friends of Baltimore.   I have been seriously  tempted.  I ordered month 1 from Sue Garman of the Friends of Baltimore.  I read through her instructions and studied the pattern for the Eagle and the Clipper Ship.  Seeing a multitude of pieces to applique encouraged my completing Block 1 of a Boy and a Girl.  I came to a decision that  I will follow along with Simple Bird’s progress but will make Friends of Baltimore at my own pace.  I am happy with that decision.

I am now halfway finished hand appliqueing block 1 of A Boy and A Girl by Kim McLean.  But not without assistance.


This has been on my to do list for several months.   I just procrastinated.  It is fast becoming a realization with a big fat check mark.  Happy Dance time.

I am also looking forward to being inspired by viewing the 400 plus quilts that are reportedly entered in the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild’s show September 9th and 10th.

I have realized my inspiration comes from all around me. My family, my friends, my beloved animals, other quilters, but most of all my faith.

Be inspired today or be someone’s inspiration!

Have a blessed day..




A Little Push

I have been procrastinating again.  That’s one of the reasons I have way too many UFO’s.  There are times when I let a pattern intimidate me and I have to work through how to approach the problem.  In this case it was fabric selection.  Which is the right fabric for this flower or for that leaf?  Some times I get bogged down, then frustrated because I haven’t decided which fabric is what I want.  There’s a lot to be said for the BOM’s where the fabric is selected for you.

So I have kept busy planning other quilts, playing with fabrics, watching you tube demonstrations on quilting techniques that interest me and cheering on our Olympians.   Avoidance.  Yep.  Pure and simple avoidance.  Just needed a little push.  So I challenged myself to just do it.  I am happy to announce the block is prepped and I am completing the hand applique.  Yippee.  I just need to push through  We are about 1/3 the way through August and I need to finish 2 other basket blocks, Month 5 of feathered star BOM and hand applique block 1 of a Boy and A Girl.   But for now I am celebrating having prepped the morning glory block .


Fairs and Quilt Exhibits

Yesterday was spent with Saturday Sampler Group and the Ozark Fair in Springfield, MO.   The Show and Tell at Saturday Sampler was very nice.  I always enjoy seeing what other quilters are working on or have completed.  Then of course we get the new block for our Sampler.  A little shopping, needed some zippers for the pouches I am making from the Moda tiny charm packs, a free pattern from Pat Sloan and The Fat Quarter Shop.  I’ll post when I am finished.  Waiting for batting and interfacing to come in mail.  I just love mail order.  Particularly since I live in the boondocks and everything is 30-60 minute drive away.

Then on to the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds.  Of course it’s raining, did remember to bring my umbrella.  My main reason for going tothe fair is to have my corn dog  view the quilts exhibiting and walk through the E-Plex and see what is being sold that I absolutely cannot live without.

The corn dog was awesome.  My friend Debbie told me I had to have fried oreos as well.  On top of the corn dog not such a good idea.  Mega heartburn from the fried food.  Rolaids my new BFF.

The quilt exhibit was very inspiring.  Wow what talent, creativity and inspiration.  Below are some photos I took and the name plates for each quilt.


I am always drawn to applique, hand quilted, or embellished intricate quilts.  I admire the work that goes into them.   I stand and look and think someday, maybe.  There is so much talent that I am hopeful that some of it will transfer to me by osmosis just by being in proximity to these beautiful quilts.  Then homeward bound being inspired to get back to work on my own projects.

I didn’t get any sewing done yesterday since I was nursing a huge case of indigestion from the food I ate at the fair.

Today, I am feeling better, the sun is shining the temperatures are within reason making for a very nice day.  I started and completed the block for August I got from Saturday Sampler Group yesterday.  The owner of the shop designs the quilts each year.  She listens to her customers and apparently there is an aversion to applique with many of her clientele.  But with  a few more members of the Saturday Sampler showing an interest in applique she has included just a tiny bit of handwork in a couple of blocks this year.  The first applique to appear is in this month’s block which is a basket block where the handles are appliqued.  Now it’s not  such a huge leap as these little bias strips can be machine appliqued onto the block.  Of course I hand appliqued them as that is my nature.  I completed my block today so I can scratch it off my August To Do List (I love my Lists).


Now I have to move on to the next item on my list and that is my very own UFO Basket Quilt.  I have to finish 3 blocks for it this month as well a complete Month # 6 on the feathered star quilt.  I would also like to finish appliqueing block 1 of A boy and A girl.

I guess I better get back to it.

Have a wonderful day and many blessings to you.

Sissy Malone

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