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Successful First Camping Trip

Back home after my first solo camping trip to the AQS Quilt Show in Branson, MO. My trip was definitely an affirmation on “You Can Do This”. I had been nervous about going solo in a travel trailer but wow oh wow did I knock it out of the park. Towing was no problem, GPS delivered me directly to the campground in Branson, check in was a breeze, had a beautiful spot looking right at the lake with a pull thru site (I know I cheated). I did not have to stress about backing up the camper. Set up had it’s challenges. I have since ordered a couple of items that would have made setting up easier. I had a bit of a leak in my water hook up so have ordered a click easy hook up. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I had a difficult time due to my hand injury tightening everything, even with a wrench. Hopefully the quick thingy will help. The people I met were very nice, the campground was clean the bathhouse was clean and had a coded entry. There was even a free Trolley available to the convention center that was 5 blocks away. The nights were high 30’s and the days were high 40’s. My Alde heat system performed beautifully kept me a toasty 70 degrees inside and had hot water. I have to say I am much more confident in my ability to handle my camper on any trip I choose to take. Girl Power!

I did realize I took waaaay toooooo much stuff. It was quite claustraphic inside until I started removing items and putting them in the back of the FJ. When I got home I went thru EVERYTHING and boxed up stuff and put in the storage shed. I have a sleek pared down camping system ready for my next adventure. I have also made a list of must haves so hopefully the next trip I won’t forget my power cord and foot peddle like I did this time.

Take a look thru that kitchen window. Notice that beautiful bridge? Well that was my view.

Max took the trip with me. I was worried about being in an all day class and not being able to take him outside (no room for a crate) so I put peepee pads down. Amazingly, he held himself until I took him out the whole trip. Yay. But he did get in the garbage one day and also knocked his water bowl over in the process. Thankfully the water was obsorbed and did not ruin the floor.

All in all a very successful trip for me.

AQS quilt show. I took a beginner machine quilting class from Cindy Seitz-Krug. I learned some of her valuable tips on machine quilting. What I enjoy is taking these classes from different instructors and pulling their techniques and compile them into my use and skillset. I have to say I was a bit bored in the morning session it was a bit tooo beginner, but the afternoon session was well worth the cost of the class. I assumed the class was to be a project that was pictured as the description of the class. Nope. But I learned I have the skillset to create my own.

These are Cindy’s quilts she hung in the class:

I also volunteered thru the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild to assist Bonnie Browning with her lecture. What a highlight for me. I have admired her work for many years with AQS. She is such an inspiration, afterall she is in charge of putting on all of the AQS quilt shows.


Oh Yeah what fun. I am currently working on a civil war type quilt and will have lots of left over fabric. What to do, what to do? I found a fun quilt pattern that will be perfect to use those left over fabrics.

While in the process of designing a beginning applique project to teach at our local quilt shop Buckles, Bobbins and Bolts, thinking it will be made with traditional fabrics to display to advertise the class. Then when in the class I will bring out the razzamatazz sample of the same pattern to show how to step out of the box. Found these wonderfull pieces to play with for that project.

This is the quilt that took Best of Show – it was incredible.

Happy Stitches Everyone

Sissy Malone


Stars Upon Stars, Branson AQS, Camping

February 28th, 2022 Monday

Busy, busy, busy. So many options of tasks from which to choose. Recently took a trip to Rogers, Arkansas where I picked up my beautiful Baltimore Album style quilt from April Wells, It is so very stunning. It is amazing to me that I made this beautiful quilt. But I know I did because it took me 3 years. The excitement has subsided a bit and reality is here and I have much to do to complete this quilt. Piping, binding, blocking and label. Tadda then it’s ready for show season.

March 21, 2022

Where has the month gone? Spending time with friends, squeezing in some quilting sewing, enjoying the sunshine on the crazy 70 degree days, getting in some exercise via walking intermittently (commitment issues there I think) oh and I did finish the closet project. That’s where my time has gone.

I did squeeze in a trip to Springfield to Bass Pro Shops with my sister and brother in law.

Speaking of the closet, I am very pleased with my innovation ideas to fit the space I have as well as address my personal needs within the space. Revamping the original idea (closet kit) challenged my carpentry skills but I successfully met and went beyond my expectations of myself.

I did give myself a no sewing

moratorium while the closet project was underway. If I had not I would have gotten side tracked and procrastinated on finishing the closet when the challenge got tough.

With the closet project behind me I am able to give my full attention back to the Stars Upon Stars quilt. I have to say I have developed a system on these blocks that has improved my “y” seam skills and made the making of the blocks enjoyable. Enjoyable because my OCD is appeased because those 8 pointed stars do not have “D” cups. They actually lie/lay flat.

I have ziplock baggies marked with ½ and whole where I store the larger star diamonds made from 9 different fabrics. I then choose the fabrics for the small stars and ½ stars that create the connecting squares and triangles for the 12” blocks and add to each back. I pick a bag at random and complete the block. I have 8 whole 12” star blocks completed of 15 and 5- half star blocks completed of 11.

As I have said before, I am always surprised of the end result. This one I found pleasing.

I have a new Ott light and Baby Kitty seems to think it’s her personal heat lamp. She likes it. I think she has odd behavior but she is a cat.

The big news is I am heading to Branson, MO tomorrow on my maiden camping trip to attend the AQS Branson Quilt Show. Pulling my cute little camper I bought 2 years ago specifically for use in retirement to attend the long distance quilting events. Then Covid hit. Tomorrow is the beginning of hopefully many adventures and of course it’s supposed to storm and rain for my 2 hour drive. I’m a big girl. I can handle it. I have signed up for a class with Cindy Seitz-Krug for beginner machine quilting. Hoping to add some new techniques and skills to my limited abilities. Plus I want to view all those beautiful artistic quilts.

Today’s adventure is packing and getting ready to hit the road.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day.

Sissy Malone

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