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Friends of Baltimore

I know that Friends of Baltimore is the actual name of the pattern I am following but I am thinking I need a more suitable name that reflects me and my journey of making this fabulous quilt. Thinking hat is now on. I just have to wait and see what is rattling around. I hope to finish the hand appliqueing of the top right corner of the block today and the embroidery tomorrow. Drum roll…… then I start prepping the final corner block of the quilt. I believe it is just starting to actually sink in that I am about to complete this project. I am excited at that prospect. Here is the top right corner before it has been appliqued. I had a bit of a problem getting the pattern to fit so I had to resort to “Press and Seal” where I traced the pattern and then laid it on the fabric for placement. It worked rather well and I was able to make the necessary adjustments.

My friend Christine and I ventured out last weekend to a local quilt show put on by the Cabin Fever Quilt Guild in Camdenton, MO. It had a very nice display of beautiful quilts from many talented quilters. Imagine my surprise to turn a corner and there was a quilt that I had just received the pattern in the mail. I was delighted to see this quilt in person. My plans are to make it for my great-nephew Connor but to modify it to add his name across the bottom. On my list to make after I finish Friends.

While I have been recovering from surgery I have had quite a bit of time that I was unable to sew which lead me to get caught up on some reading. I have finally started the Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time series. I’m not sure why I had not read them before now, I actually bought them each year in hardback as they came out as a gift to my then husband. So here I am purchasing them again. Life has a humorous twist sometimes. Needless to say, I am enjoying them.

Today I will also work on my list of small projects that need completed before I get back to Sue Garman’s pattern Afternoon delight which I started a while back and had planned to work on simultaneously with Friends of Baltimore. I overestimated my capability of working on both these projects at the same time and unfortunately had to put aside Afternoon Delight. I am thrilled at the prospect of getting back to her.

Well I’m off to get my corner block completed today. Happy stitches everyone.

I almost forgot…. here is my new coffee mug. Those who know me will say it’s perfect for me.

Sissy Malone


Friends of Baltimore, Bunion Surgery

Good morning. October has arrived and with it some cooler weather for which I am thankful. Which means I get to bring out Frankie and Autumn Joy pattern by Sue Garman.

My sewing has temporarily been put on hold due to bunion surgery. OUCH! Necessary surgery but wowzer did I have 2 days of intense pain. Thankfully the happy pills allowed me to sleep through most of one day. But, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday started feeling much better. Still painful but much less so. Currently, I am unable to sit for any length of time at my sewing desk due to the necessity of keeping my foot elevated. Unfortunately I am not a contortionist and can’t sit in one chair with elevated foot in another. So quilting will have to wait another week or so. I am however, getting a few books read.

My turtle friend returned. I wondered if he preferred strawberries over cantaloupe. I gave him a choice and he chose the cantaloupe.

My nasturtium has bloomed. Woohoo.

Friends of Baltimore – Frustration abounds. I have had to make some adjustments to the top left and bottom left corner blocks. I am now starting working on top right corner. It’s simply a missacagulooh. Nothing is matching. I have come to realize the pattern did not incorporate the 1″ HST around the body of the quilt. But boy oh boy am I challenged with getting this corner block to look like it’s supposed to be there. Frustrated. This close to completing this extensive project and to hit this road block really is deflating. It’s challenging to say the least.

Stars upon Stars is going well. I had an epiphany. I realized when I made the strips for the big stars if I cut them 21″ instead of the 13 1/2″ as specified I was able to get 4 additional cuts which in turn would make a 1/2 star block. I just reversed the tips. This will prove to be a time saver.

Hope all is well with you.

Happy Stitches


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