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Yikes, but it’s hot outside.

Boy oh boy is it ever hot. I don’t do well in the heat. Too many years living in Minnesota I guess. So my sewing routine has changed a bit. My sister makes sure I am out walking by 7 a.m. to finish before it’s unbearable. I really feel for those whose job requires them to be outside all day. Before I retired, I was always working inside in a temperature controlled environment. So I naturally gravitate to A/C, one of man’s greatest inventions.

After a recent routine doctors visit I have decided now is the time to get my A1c under control and address my weight. I have removed all processed sugar from my diet. I thought it would it would be a horrific adjustment but surprisingly that is not the case. I am striving to make healthier choices in meal preparation. We’ll see how it goes. I have also added a walking regime to my daily routine. I track my glucose daily and have a chart I am recording it to and my distance walked and how long it takes me and my weight (I am only weighing myself once weekly) I do not want to become obsessed with the scales. Hopefully these simple changes will evolve into major changes.

I am still working outside in the cool of the mornings. I was able to photograph a beautiful spider web off my deck. This was accomplished over night. Wow.

I had ordered 2 live plant nasturtium. When they arrived the package had dry soil falling out of it and when I opened it the soil was indeed totally dry and loose within and not wrapped in a moisture plastic. The actual plants were wilted and dehydrated. I immediately watered them and by morning they were looking a bit better. I planted them last night in the moonlight (hoping that would invigorate them LOL). Ever heard of moon gardening? They have new growth so I am hopeful they will be happy in their new home. I chose this particular flower because it came in yellow and orange which compliments my deck cushions. Fingers crossed they will survive and thrive.

I have been helping a friend with her projects. She is making a baby quilt and I made 2 blocks for her. One is a sun and the other is this adorable baby ducky. I found the pattern for it on Etsy and ordered it. The blocks came in 3 sizes and are paper pieced. Her quilt’s blocks are 6 ” finished. No problem, right. I got a 12″ block here and I can reduce it 50%. I am so out of my league here. Paper pieced with multiple pieces. I had to use 1/8″ seam allowances. I really challenged myself but it turned out doable and actually fun to make. The sunshine block was fun also and I appliqued it.

My goal today is to applique two outfits for the Dolly Days quilt currently under my needle. I would also like to watch the next video lesson from Angela Walters and add that to my practice quilt. I believe it will be on feathers. I’m excited at the prospect of learning the feather using the machine quilting technique.

Still planning my first camping trip in my little camper. Haven’t decided where to go yet. Had planned a trip to MN/WI to visit friends, but that has been cancelled due to the recent increase in Covid19 cases. So I was thinking maybe a day trip to a state park just to get some experience under my belt. Thinking about Mountain Home Arkansas and one of their many campgrounds.

Have a great day and enjoy your summer.

Happy Stitching



Good Morning for a Sunday

Good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful morning. Overcast, cloudy, and a hint of possible misty rain, which we really could use. My plants are very thankful for the rain overnight as am I since I wont’ have to break out the water hose.

My peeps (rescue kitties) are enjoying the freedom of roaming the yard. We do have a new visitor. Not sure if he wandered over from neighboring dairy farm or if someone dropped him off. That happens way to much out here in rural America. They find their way to my house and of course I take care of them. This yellow “Buttercup” (which I have named him) has been showing up at a distance for about 3 months now. He’s getting closer. I talk to him and he chirps back at me. It has evolved now to me going out on the covered porch with the morning can of cat food to be put atop the bowl of dry cat food and calling his name and he promptly appears for his breakfast only after I have returned to inside and watch from the window. Progress finally, he used to just run away when I went outside. Now this morning I thought I might observe the kitty version of Shoot Out at the OK Corral. But to my surprise, Buttercup is a lover not a fighter. I can’t wait till I get my hands on him and get him to the vet for checkup and neutered. I would say he’s around 7-9 months old definitely less than a year. The blue eyed beauty is Gibbs.

I have been diligently working on putting my deck back together. The cushions arrived and I have been placing plants around and getting a feel for the comfort and pleasantness of relaxing on my deck. I love it. I am now considering a small outdoor coffee table to complete the look.

Retirement has given me added bonus of teaching a friend to quilt and like any quilter she has several projects going at one time. Yesterday I demonstrated binding. She’s a quick study and I’m very proud she’s interested in quilting. I’m also helping her with a baby quilt and she has a deadline so it’s crunch time. I am going to paper piece one of the blocks for her as I have not taught her that technique yet and the pattern is a bit advanced. What am I saying LOL it’s advanced for me.

Onward to the Paper Doll Quilt (Dolly Days). I have prepped all the clothes so just need to applique them in place. This week’s goal is to trim the center doll make the scalloped framing border to have the center completed to attach the clothes.

Also enjoying the classes of Angela Walters and her Quilt Challenges. Each class gives me more confidence and I am getting more acquainted with my Q16, which by the way, I LOVE IT. My work is not perfect but I’m encouraged and am really enjoying myself.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday.


Summer Has Arrived

Fourth of July for me earmarks the truly beginning of Summer. I know that I will have 2-3 months of humid and sometimes scorching weather that will follow causing me to retreat to the coolness of air conditioning. In my estimation air conditioning is one of man’s greatest inventions together with the washing machine as well as the Sewing Machine. There are others of course but A/C and washing machines top my list. Retreating to the coolness allows me the privilege of spending time in my sewing room otherwise known as my happy place. Well let’s face it, I’d be there anyway. I don’t need an excuse, that’s just where you’ll find me these days.

That being said I began my day finishing the Zebra block for the Savannah quilt. I wasn’t well yesterday and missed out on the fireworks with friends or finishing this block. Medicine side affects are a real pain.

Stripes the Zebra

I then made my Saturday Sampler quilt block for August. I know, overachiever, but it frees me to put away my sewing machine to work on applique, my true passion. This time my block actually measures 12-1/2 x 12-1/2. So proud of me.

Once that was completed, I watched the video from Angela Walters’ quilt along (I have to confess that this will probably be the 10th time I’ve watched it) and proceeded to practice Lesson # 1. I am pleased with my results. Getting more practice everyday with my Bernina Q16, and building my confidence and adding more skills.. I’m attempting to work my way up to quilting a full or queen size quilt. Not quite there yet but working on it.

Now, the fun can begin. I get to start Dolly Days or as I call it “The Paper Doll Quilt”. How many of you remember the Betsy McCall paper dolls that came with McCall’s magazines. That is what this quilt reminds me of.

I have chosen the fabrics and prewashed them. It is time to cut and start prepping the center Doll. So excited to get started. Now that is how I plan to spend my day today. What are you doing today?

These 2 will provide the framing around the center doll.
This is the background fabric that all the outfits and the doll will be appliqued onto.

Happy Stitches


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