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Winter came, went, liked us so much decided to return. Blah

It’s winter again. 18 degrees this morning. Just a bit chilly outside. Here are photos of the first round. This time it’s some sleet a bit of freezing rain just enough to make it slippery and dangerous for those heading out to work. Thankfully being retired I have nowhere I have to be. We did have power outages for the day. I was one of the fortunate ones where my power flickered about 6 times but never went out completely. While it was flickering I was running about making sure all my sewing machines, computer, printer, etc were unplugged so as not to be damaged. It really was a winter wonderland and quite beautiful. Then a couple of days later we had 60 degree weather and it all went away. Now the nastiness.

Attempting culinary – haha- I saw a recipe on a facebook video called Apple Dutch Baby. It intrigued me enough to attempt it. These are my results. It was quite tasty. I think I will try it again but add a little cinnamon and brown sugar while cooking the apple. My hope is for it to taste similar to the Original Pancake House apple pancake, which if you have never been I suggest going and enjoy an Apple Pancake. It is truly wonderful.

This is what the Original Pancake House and Dutch Baby Pancakes look like:

This is my sister’s first quilt. I am so very proud of her. She persevered and finished it. There were times when she doubted herself but she worked to improve her 1/4″ seam allowances with each row. The quilt is square and lays flat. You can’t ask for more than that. I think she’s a bit excited to take it for show and tell at the Saturday Sampler group. That was another surprise for me that she signed up to participate in that group. This little twin size row by row has given her the confidence to start another quilt. It’s blocks are smaller as she is constructing bee bodies. Unfortunately it is not paper pieced and she is having to piece it the regular way. Some are 1″ inch squares. She’s doing great and I’m very proud of her accomplishment. Just look at all those points on her flying geese. Yes, I’m very proud of her. This is an older BOM I had collected from the late 90’s by Quakertown Quilts called “Strip of the Month Sampler” .

Im still plugging away on Jen Kingwell’s Queen’s Cross pattern. I’m really enjoying the making of this quilt but feel as if I will become the circle queen when finished. Each block has 17 circles and I need 13 blocks. I am using Phillipa Naylor’s technique using fusible and Karen K Buckley’s perfect circle templates. I’m getting perfect circles. Woohoo. I have 10 blocks made 2 of which need the circles appliqued.

Todays goal is to make circles for one of the blocks, cut out the next block then spend some time quilting on my Golden Days quilt. I still have not found just the right color fabric for my Bird by Bird project. When the time is right it will miraculously appear. I have no doubt.

Everyone have a wonderful day and be safe.

Happy Stitches

Katherine Sissy Malone



What inspires me?

Sometimes I get sidetracked and lose my focus on my project at hand.  Sometimes it is frustration due to unrealized expectations, sometimes it’s life’s little interruptions, I can go on an on.  Sometimes it’s this face.


005 My point is sometimes I need inspiration to get back into focus and continue my UFO Journey.   Sometimes I just need to be fueled by other quilters and their projects.   Pinterest is an awesome source of inspiration.  Ialso start surfing for Blogs of other quilterswho have similar interests..  I visit my favorite Blogs and see what projects they are displaying.

This is where I have been focusing lately.  I got frustrated with my UFO Basket BOM.  Executing the pattern, interpreting the pattern I let myself get bogged down.  I then turned my focus to one other UFO and dreaming about a project I have long wanted to try ,Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman.  I spent some time reading Sue’s Blog and mulling over whether I want to start yet another BOM.  Simple Bird Applique is offering a new BOM incorporating two of Sue’s patterns one being Friends of Baltimore.   I have been seriously  tempted.  I ordered month 1 from Sue Garman of the Friends of Baltimore.  I read through her instructions and studied the pattern for the Eagle and the Clipper Ship.  Seeing a multitude of pieces to applique encouraged my completing Block 1 of a Boy and a Girl.  I came to a decision that  I will follow along with Simple Bird’s progress but will make Friends of Baltimore at my own pace.  I am happy with that decision.

I am now halfway finished hand appliqueing block 1 of A Boy and A Girl by Kim McLean.  But not without assistance.


This has been on my to do list for several months.   I just procrastinated.  It is fast becoming a realization with a big fat check mark.  Happy Dance time.

I am also looking forward to being inspired by viewing the 400 plus quilts that are reportedly entered in the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild’s show September 9th and 10th.

I have realized my inspiration comes from all around me. My family, my friends, my beloved animals, other quilters, but most of all my faith.

Be inspired today or be someone’s inspiration!

Have a blessed day..



Plodding along with purpose.

This past week wasn’t very productive sewing wise.  But then yesterday was very productive.  I finished hand appliquéing Mr. Funny Bunny block from Sue Garman’s Autumn Joy pattern.   I am now ready to start appliquéing the second block.  I have it prepped (spray starch and freezer paper method).  I have really fallen in love with this technique.  Previously I was in the needle turn camp.  Nice to have that in my tool box when necessary, but will be using freezer paper/starch method going forward.

I also  prepped two floral appliqué blocks that finish making up what will either be a wall hanging or a table topper.  I was surprised that it took the complete day but there it is.  I just got lost in my work and really never noticed the time passing until I was finished and realized there was no more day left.  Wow, been a while since I’ve done that.



Friday night was a surprise.  It was so hot and terribly humid all day Friday.  By the time I got home from work it was absolutely oppressive.  Then the sky got black and started rumbling and the lightning appeared, the rain came down in torrents, the wind was wrecking havoc with the trees and my poor fur babies were totally terrorized.  Poor Katie couldn’t find a suitable place to hide and kept going from one end of the house to the other and alternately following me around when I was checking the status of the storm.  Those deploring eyes of hers saying, “make it stop mom”.   I was helpless so I just sat letting her put her head in my lap and petted her trying to reassure her she would be okay.  I was thankful I have gotten in the habit of unplugging my dream machine (my Bernina) when not in use as we had a power surge and lost power for a few seconds.

I did receive a very nice gift from a friend this week.  I was given a copy of a magazine I had never heard of before, “Primitive Quilts and Projects”.  It covers not only quilting but wool projects and highlighted special projects by notable names in the quilting world such as Lynette Anderson, Jan Patek, as well as   designers from Blackbird Designs and many others.  I don’t consider myself a primitive style quilter although I do admire the work.  I recognized a particular design in the magazine that was used in part in a book “Birds of a Feather” by Blackbird Designs.  I have seen several quilts made from this book and the fabrics used were not what you would classify as primitive but more light and airy feeling.  I enjoyed seeing a variation using those birds.  It’s a combination of piecing and appliqué blocks, what I like to term “folkart”.  This is one of my personal favorites in quilting to combine to two.

UFO group tomorrow, looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects.

Happy Quilting


I am a quilt top maker

I love quilting.  The whole process, from cutting out the fabric, to piecing to applique.  I even enjoy hand quilting the quilt.  I just no longer have the time to devote to hand quilting.  Especially if the quilt top is going to get finished.  I have not yet acquired the skill set for machine quilting (even though I now have my dream Bernina  with it’s wonderful BSR (bernina stitch regulator), and I have no expectation of purchasing a long arm,  I rely on others talents  with a long arm.  There are so many talented long arm quilters out there and I am blessed to have access to one who quilts my top.  Facing breast cancer puts life in perspective.  I totally look at things differently.

Since signing up for our UFO group, I have been working diligently finishing up those tops, screaming, my turn, my turn.   I have my monthly UFO to complete, then I make a list of other projects to get started on or make.  This month’s list is:

1. Row by Row  2014 (finish 2 rows and design border with 3 license plates) Sadly I am declining to participate in the 2015 Row by Row.  I would really like to spend a weekend driving around to different shops like I did last year but unfortunately I have pressing projects to try to squeeze in with my UFO list without adding more.

2. Finish Applique Class Sample (I have been asked to teach an applique class)

3. Mock up 3 blocks of Autumn Joy pattern by Sue Garman  (on my ufo list) I realized that I would not be able to get this one completed in one month so trying to get a head start.

4.  Piece Miriam’s quilt – this is a panel pieced quilt top that has panel blocks and each block has a scripture on it.  Miriam is always cold and this would be useful to wrap around her while she is relaxing in her recliner.

5. If there is anytime left in the month…. start mocking up more blocks of Autumn Joy.  or start cutting out the background fabric for  the “A Boy and Girl” quilt. Secretly, I am itching to start this quilt but am practicing delayed gratification.

I was so pleased with myself last night for how much I had gotten accomplished yesterday that I even put together my 2016 UFO list.  This time I was more realistic as to what I can actually get accomplished in one month. Going forward, my game plan is to tackle one major applique quilt a year, interspersed with pieced quilt tops, baby quilts, and lap quilts.   Words fail me to express the elation I feel when I actually accomplish the items on my monthly quilting “to do list”.  Too often I had pushed aside what I wanted to work on for other requests against me time.  I guess I am now being totally selfish and focusing on what I want to do.  I am not neglectful of my fur babies as they accompany me to my sewing room and wait patiently for me to take a break and go outside with them.  The only thing I have been neglecting is yard work.  The abundant rain we have had recently has aided in my procrastination in mowing the yard and weed whacking.  But this afternoon, I have to tackle this project.  My sister is arriving on Wednesday to spend the 4th here on the farm.  I am looking forward to her arriving so I want the yard to look nice.  So I will get this posted,put on my straw hat and gloves and go fire up the lawn tractor.  Vroom Vroom!!!!


Happy Quilting Everyone


Time Marches On…..

Here it is June.  The days seemingly are disappearing before my eyes.  My UFO projects list is whittling down as well.  Such a good feeling to put to rest the once revered projects that were starting to haunt me.  Yesterday, I went to the Sampler Club at our quilt shop.  It’s good to spend time with people who enjoy the same interests that I have.  I love the show and tell.  Such inspiration.  The creativity is awesome.

I got my log cabin quilt back from Vicky, who quilted it for me  yesterday.  It is truly beautiful.  I am considering entering it into the Ozark Empire Fair this year.  They have a special theme class of log cabin quilts.

My back is 85-90% well. I have gotten back to sewing but at a slower pace.  I sew, get up and move around to work the stiffness out of my back.  Yesterday I was able to wash a couple of windows (from the inside only).  That was a nice accomplishment.  I also was able to mow bits and pieces of the yard working the same way.  I would mow (riding mower) a little bit and then go rest my back.   Slowly getting things are getting accomplished.  Feels good.

Down to last  last 20″ of border to get appliqued, of course this was last month’s UFO, but still plugging along on it and pretty excited at the prospect of its completion.  It is so true that quilters pour their lives into their quilts.  My  Bear Hollow Quilt knows my most innermost thoughts and feelings, I believe I will need to keep it close as I have never let anyone get close enough to me to know me as well as this quilt does.

My addiction to BOM’s knows no bounds.  I truly love them.  With that said…. I recently signed up for a BOM applique pattern by Kim Mclean titled “A Boy and A Girl Albuml”.  I fell in love with the bright colors and their non traditional use in the applique.  So I will be adding this project to my list  to work on each month.


I suppose there could be worse things to be addicted to.


UFO Club

So embarrassed when I produced my show and tell for UFO club last night.  I was the only one with a project dating in the 80’s and the colors showed it.  All the other projects were lovely and inspiring.   Oh well, it is finished and I can put it behind me.  I will have it quilted and put it in the stack for the nieces and nephews.  They will probably draw straws for whom will HAVE to take it instead of whom WANTS it.  Oh well, it’s behind me now.  Whew……….

Next up is # 2  Bear Hollow.  pattern by Ann Seely

This quilt pattern was originally  published in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in 1994 as a series quilt.  I fell in love with it.  I started it and as usual something came up in my life where I had to put it away with the intention of getting back to it someday…..Well, today is that day!!!

I’m finally in a new decade!!!!!  This is an emotional quilt for me.  I was working on this quilt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  When I returned home from the hospital following  my surgery, I did not feel like looking at it much less finish it.  It is now a year later and I am anxious to get this beauty completed.  Unlike last month’s project.  I really like this quilt.  I am drawn to folk art quilts.  I enjoy the combination of piecing and applique.  This quilt also represents a sign that I can put that terrifying time behind me and move forward.  Below is the work in progress.


Thanks for stopping by.


Big Sigh…… All Blocks Completed for # 11

All the blocks are finished for # 11.  I just have to decide on the border now.   Interviewing potential candidates tonight.  I was starting to question what attracted me to this christmas wallhanging  until I finished sewing all the blocks together and then I saw why. I enjoy the folk art type of quilt with the blending of machine piecing and applique.  I much prefer hand applique as opposed to machine applique.  I enjoy touching the fabric and the process.  Since I have finished before the deadline,  I have time to relax a bit and then clean my house, since I have let everything slide this month while working on this project. Time to get caught up before I start the next project.

#11 I Believe

# 11 – due by 2/23 Will I finish?

I have been sewing, sewing ,sewing.  I really gave myself a challenge.  # 11 is a wonderful Christmas folkart wallhanging that is pieced and hand applique.  I have completed 9 of 12 blocks.  Will layout block number 10 tonight.  Not sure what I did to my back, but somehow my posture while I am sewing has not been very good and result is I am walking bent in half.  Tylenol is helping.  At least I am able to stand upright today. For that I am very thankful.  I try to set a goal to reach each day and the back thingy slowed me down a bit. Due to an impending nasty weather forecast, my family has cancelled their trip.  I’m sorry for that but grateful that I will be free to try and get # 11 finished on time.  I usually applique using the needle turn technique.  This time I have used the starch and freezer paper technique.  I believe it is faster and am please with the results.  But then, these are large pieces, if they were small intricate pieces I believe I would need more practice with this technique to get the quality of work I am used to producing with my needle turn. And as always, I have assistance whether desired or not.  This is Tink, short for Tinkerbell.


These are what I have completed.

003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 012 013 016

See you next time.


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