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# 4 Basket Block Ready

I finished sewing the handles on the basket for my # 4 block.  Then I started prepping the flowers and leaves.  This is how I prepare a flower and transfer it to the block all in one piece.


Then I place it on the block and glue it into place so I can sew into place.



It makes it easier to place as a whole piece instead of several pieces.  I tend to skew the poor flower if I do it in pieces rather than as a whole.  Once I have it sewn onto the basket I will then soak it in warm soapy water to get the blue marking and starch and glue out of the fabric.   Then I rinse it and hang it on my design wall to air dry.  When it is almost dry but still a little damp I steam press it face side down.

I am hoping to get 2 more blocks prepped this weekend.  Lofty goals 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone.  It’s a hot one here!



Basket Block Pieced

Much progress made last night.  No TV.  Storming outside.  Wow what an electrical storm.  Everything unplugged.  The electrical storm happening outside reminded me of when we used to go camping in …

Source: Basket Block Pieced

Basket Block Pieced

Much progress made last night.  No TV.  Storming outside.  Wow what an electrical storm.  Everything unplugged.  The electrical storm happening outside reminded me of when we used to go camping in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and watching the Northern Lights at night.  The sky was totally breathtaking.  So is was last night but it was lightning instead of colorful lights.   The similarity was the fluid motion of it and it was constant and quite beautiful.   I spent some time sitting on my porch watching the display.  Then headed inside when the rain started pelting.   And it pelted.  No hail though.  Just large rain drops.

Retreated to my sewing room.    I got the bottom half of the basket quilt pieced and prepped the basket handle pieces.


The kittah’s were just fine with the storm.  The doggies not so much.  My sewing room floor was an absolute obstacle course of doggie bodies. Now my sewing room is only 10 x 10 and is quite full of all my “stuff” so it gets a bit crowed when Katie, an Australian Sheppard and Salty, a Healer mix stretch out on the floor thinking they have hidden from the boogie man. They are seemingly comforted by being there hiding from the storm.  So that works for me.

My Sewing Room:


My Dream Sewing Room.  Big Sigh!


We work with what we have.

It’s Friday and I have big plans this weekend to see just how many  basket blocks I can get put together. I have taken Monday the 27th as a vacation day so hopefully having that extra day to sew will see some productivity, unless I get distracted from something outside.

Still playing catch up.  My  UFO list  is reminding me it needs to get  completed.  Not sure that can happen by December, but I’m giving it my best try.  I’m also considering taking on Friends of Baltimore Quilt Pattern by Sue Garman, but that is probably going to have to wait until January 2017.  Always dreaming of the next quilt.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.





Productive Weekend

Finished the basket block. Of course I had a little help.  Yeah!  One down many to go.


This is the look I first got when she noticed the new camera.  She has always been such a ham but not so sure now is she?


My awesome hibiscus.


The finished block –


And I also pieced the block for my Saturday Sampler group.


As well as the 11th installment on the Storytellers BOM.  I’ll pick up installment 12 on July 2 when I go to Saturday Sampler.  Then that BOM will be finished and ready to head to the quilter.  No more new UFO’s in this house!  LOL!!!

I’m ready to start the next basket block.  My plan is to piece and sew the basket together and start the prepping for the applique.  That would be a nice goal if I could get one basket completed a week.

A friend dropped off the registration forms for the county fair.  I think I will enter three of my quilts from last year.  Sorry, the Princess quilt won’t be one of them.  The Princess has it.

I just love spending time in my sewing room.  It is truly my happy place.  I always have company when I sew.  One of the kitties is always perched on some surface or mostly right on what I’m trying to sew or iron.  Anyone else face those challenges?

Happy sewing everyone!





Basket Block Prepped


Trying out new camera.  I have been using my old I-phone for the photos and I haven’t been too excited about the results.  I splurged on my new Nikon and hopefully  that as time goes by I’ll get better taking photos and posting them.

I am encouraged by getting this block prepped.   I will get it sewn down and add the embroidery  embellishments  to enhance the details of the flower.  Tackling yet another UFO.

Having Fun Tonight!


UFO Journey Continues

I am very humbled today.  I consider myself an experienced hand applique quilter.  I was more so 20 years ago than today. I was very good then and even taught classes to our Quilt Guild.

Yesterday , I decided it was time to get back to my UFO projects.  Number one on my list this year is a Patricia Cox floral basket pattern. When I brought out my tub and am looking through the patterns for each block and the 2 completed blocks  I realize just how much I have temporarily forgotten.  I am humbled and challenged as I approach this pattern.  I had forgotten how intricately Pat’s artwork designs are and how complicated they can be when determining what order every piece is to be appliqued.  So I humbly approach this UFO that I had started 20 years ago with older but fresh eyes and an appreciation for what I once knew.

This is a new challenge for me and I plan on adding some new techniques I have learned in the past 20 years to complete these blocks.  Below are the two blocks I had completed 20 years ago:


Below is the block I have chosen to pursue now:

My original plan was for scrappy type baskets with a black, taupe theme.  I hope I have enough fabric put aside for this.  Because I sure can’t run out to the fabric store to buy extra of the same design.  LOL at myself.

Technique wise, before, I only performed needle turn applique.  Now I am going to incorporate the freezer paper, spray starch method.  I believe it will simplify the pattern.  Although I had a small panic attack I am looking forward to this block.  Today after church and our potluck,  I am making crock pot mac & cheese per Paula Deen to take and a fruit pizza,  I will start prepping the pieces and lay out the block.   I am killing time right now before getting ready for church by updating my blog.  I have been remiss on this but in my defense I have not done much sewing in the past two months.   Reasons being family visits, I did complete a 5 k.;  complete is the operative word; gardening, lawn work. Here are some photos

I did finish the Friendship quilt top for our Pastor who is leaving and a T-shirt quilt top for a friend at work to give to her daughter who graduated in May.  The top left photo is mulberries on our mulberry tree.  The next is our first apples on our apple tree that was planted 3 years ago.  My favorite spring flowers in bloom and me bringing up the rear celebrating finishing my 5 k.

Happy Quilting Everyone.


Memorial Day is also for Making New Memories

Memorial weekend is generally served remembering those valiant men and women who served our country  defending the rights and privileges we enjoy today.  I celebrate those heroes and am very thankful for the sacrifices they made.  I have lived outside our borders and while I enjoyed temporarily other places there really is no place like home.   This year ‘s Memorial Weekend was spent creating new memories.

My brother and sister and I spent the weekend together.  Something we had not done in many years.  Celebrating who we are, who we were as children and whatever the future may bring.  We kept busy doing chores, cooking, yes all three in the kitchen at one time contributing our own special talents.  So much fun, and laughter.  It’s good to have family!

I had found an old water trough in the woods and we decided to use it for the base for our mailboxes.  We measured the posts for the mail boxes and put them in buckets of cement to harden.  Once hardened we drilled holes in the sides for drainage (yes the bottom was pretty rusty and holey) just to make sure.  We then filled half the trough with those packing peanuts and had a front loader bucket of dirt hauled in to fill to the top.  Next to town to buy flowers to plant in the dirt and hang our flag.  Voila, a welcoming entrance to the farm.    Yes, it took the three to us to complete this and wonderful memories created.

We then did the BBQ thing and ate on the front porch with ribs, deviled eggs, 7 layer salad and sweet potato casserole.  Yum Yum!

Hope your weekend was filled with new  wonderful memories as well.

Sorry no sewing completed that weekend.  Hopefully next weekend.  Working on a UFO  FINALLY!



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