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Exploring Color Values

I have been working on my Jen Kingwell Golden Days pattern. She had a very eye pleasing combination of color and fabric design in her quilt. I am exploring my own likes and not so much of value choices. I am attempting to combine my love for small prints and mix with larger scale prints. A challenge for me for sure. Those larger scale prints trip me up at times. It’s a comfort zone thing and I’m still working on it. I also learned when I was first putting fabrics together for the fractured hexagon blocks I was choosing darker value fabrics than I had thought. After the first couple of blocks were constructed I realized I would have to go down on the color value to get the look I was wanting. I figure I will still be able to use the darker blocks just mixed with the lighter value ones. I have really enjoyed making these blocks. Next up will be the Tulip Star blocks and they appear to be challenging. They have diamond piece construction. Good thing I just finished Edyta Sitar’s Stars upon Stars quilt. I’ll hopefully be able to utilize those skills.

Fractured Hexagons

I have recently read “The Making of A Baltimore Album Quilt” by Frances Benton. The Forward is written by Elly Sienkiewicz (the grandmother of the Baltimore Album Revival and one of my early mentors). The Forward and the actual text of the book paralleled my own journey in making my Album quilt. I related so much to both of their descriptions and all the feelings of joys and frustrations that are involved in taking on such a challenge. When I finished my Album quilt I said I did not think I had another one in me as it took 3 years to make and yet there are times I am looking through my books and thinking which background fabric would I choose and what color theme would I use since red is one of my least favorite colors. I guess I can just mark it up to a moment of insanity that will pass as I have way too many projects on my bucket list. But my mind does wander there at times. This book is out of print but if you are able to locate it I recommend it.

The Making of a Baltimore Album Quilt

Then I got a feed on Facebook notifying me of a new Jen Kingwell block of the month. Be still my heart. I don’t have time to add another project, but temptation exists in this new pattern “Caution Curves Ahead”. I enjoy combining applique with piecing.

Caution Curves Ahead

Chocolate Chip cookies are on the menu today. I will be baking them this afternoon for our church dinner tomorrow.

I attended our Electric Coop Annual Meeting last night but left early. I got a text from a friend saying congrats what did you win? I was like What????? Win what? I guess I won a drawing at the Meeting last night of an Air Fryer but because was not there they gave it to someone else. How about that. I never win anything. I have 2 air fryers so its just as well they gave it to someone else.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sissy Malone


Ideas For A Class Project

I’ve been asked to teach an applique class on techniques at our local quilt shop. Thrilled at the prospect, terrified of not living up to expectations. Saying to myself, Courage Sissy as in the the film Willow when he was faced with a challenge. I came up with ideas, discarded ideas, and finally settled on a small project that would incorporate some techniques. I am now second guessing the butterfly I drew. I’m concerned it may be too challenging. I think I will offer a 2nd drawing that they can substitute if they choose. My hope is to encourage them not discourage. It’s building blocks. Points of my class are prepared edge applique, bias stems of 3 different sizes, circles, points, curves, and reverse applique. Here is my design :

While thinking about a suitable project to demonstrate these techniques my thoughts wandered to the different styles and pattern designs of applique quilts and their designers. I considered who I am drawn to, as I have minimal talent in drawing, and what draws me to their designs. While I appreciate what I perceive as complicated designs such as Ely Sienkiewicz’s I discovered I am drawn to artists like Sue Garman, Irene Blanck, Janet Stone, Pearl Piera, Karen K Buckley and Mimi Dietrich there are others as well. These are just the first to come to mind. I totally rely on their designs and enjoy interpreting them through different fabric styles.

Still working on my Jen Kingwell pattern Golden Days I would like to have it completed by end of September.

Also pleased to announce Missouri Splendor awarded 1st Place Blue Ribbon in its division and class at Ozark Empire Fair. One more competition left for this season and that will be the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild Show the end of September.

I have been thinking of late how nice it was when my brother has wired my previous sewing room so that when I turned of the light swtich it also shut down all the outlets in the room, i.e. the iron etc. I have been missing that feature. Although that would not work in my current sewing room as that is where the internet modem is plugged so I put on my thinking cap. I remembered I had an old surge protector around that was also a strip allowing more than one plug. Now to find the darn thing. Bingo, found it. This works beautifully. I can plug all my irons and light box that I use for my applique and all I have to do when I am finished is turn the power strip off.

The heat and the drought conditions have been draining all my energy. I’m thinking I’ve lost part of my southern roots. I did come to appreciate the lovely mild summers of Minnesota. Along with quilting I also enjoy reading. I am currently working my way through the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I am on book 6. I did not read these when they came out but ironically I would purchase the new volume of the series for my ex-husband each Christmas. Odd that I never read them. But here I am all these years later reading them and enjoying them. When I am done sewing for the day I head to my camper in the driveway with a glass of pop and my book and spend an hour or two snuggled in reading and pretend camping.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sissy Malone

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