It’s Supposed To Be Spring, Right?

First off, Happy Easter everyone.  It’s Easter, it’s supposed to be spring.  Well it’s freezing cold outside my front door.  I bought some annuals and a couple of hostas yesterday in the hopes of getting my pots and yard ready for Spring.  It’s just too dang cold.  I had to put my plants and flowers on the covered porch for fear of frost.  I know whine, whine, whine.  I’ll be singing a different story come July/August when it registers triple digits.

The good news is I finished the body of my Long Time Gone quilt top.  Pencil and graph paper are required to figure out what I want for the borders.  Looking forward to designing.  This was so much fun to make.  I used the Bloc-Loc for HST, Folded Corner Clipper for flying geese  and Tri-Recs for 60 degree block.  All of these rulers are so innovative.  I also used paper piecing for the pineapple blocks.  From the Jen Kingwell facebook page some paper pieced the 60 degree blocks.   The bloc-loc ruler also helped me center and square up the Queen’s Cross blocks.


I still am working on Bed of Roses by Sue Garman. I have to have an applique project going at all times.  I am hopeless without handwork available to work on.   A little here a little there and the blocks progress.  This is the block I have almost finished appliqueing .  I need to start prepping the next block so it will be ready to take with me when not at home.  There are so many opportunities to do handwork while waiting.


I’m off today to Springfield to meet up with my nephew and his family to tour Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium and have dinner.  Sooooo looking forward to spending time with them.

I have not gotten back on schedule with my lists.  Hopelessly far behind.  I do not like playing catch-up.  My solution is to revise my lists to be more manageable and less guilt inspiring.  I also have not had time to work on my UFO that is now on the list so reworking the list will get me back to focusing on it.

Everyone have an awesome Easter and give thanks for the sacrifice that Jesus made for you.

Happy Stitches

Sissy Malone


From Applique to Piecing

Now that I have delivered my appliqued quilt top (known as THE quilt) to my wonderful quilter, Vickie Clancy, we have decided the backing I originally purchased just simply does not work well with the quilt and the style of quilting that will be done it.  So, I had to order a new backing.  This time I ordered a Kaffe Fassett backing.  This should work well since the front of the quilt is appliqued in all Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  Fingers crossed!!!

Big shout out to my quilter, Vickie Clancy.  A quilt she quilted has been accepted into the AQS Paducah Spring Quilt Show.  Congrats Vickie.

Now, that THE quilt top is finished I can focus on other projects.  My list this year is

  1. Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell
  2. Block of the Month 2017 batik
  3. Block of the Month 2017 red, white & blue
  4. UFO
  5. 3 quilt tops for Marilyn.

That should keep me busy this year.  I’m sure, I’ll find an applique project to squeeze in at some point.  It is in my blood and my passion.  Simply can’t help it.

So I just completed Section 5 of 6 of Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell.  I have had so much fun working on this quilt.  I have even used some of my scraps from A Boy and A Girl.


I am even planning on quilting this one by myself.  It will be a twin size when finished.  I think I can handle that on my Bernina.  I mean, the reason I had to have this Bernina machine was to learn to machine quilt myself.  I kinda think I might try a Baptist Fan pattern.  I watched a You Tube video on it and think I can manage that design without too much frustration.  Even better is that the backing I purchased for THE quilt that did not work out, well, it actually works great with this one.  Who knew.  I was probably thinking about this one when I ordered it.

Quilting – so I read an article about short arm quilting, and needles, etc.  While at Joann’s scooping up some half price batting and notions,  I purchased some Topstitching needles 90/14 and light gray quilting thread.  Going to give them a try.  Got A Circle Cut Ruler to mark my fan arcs.   I just have to finish the top.  But in the meantime, I cut 20″ squares for practicing my quilting and they are ready for me to attach my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator).   Good to Go.

Happy Stitches Everyone

Sissy Malone



It’s Done

A Boy and A Girl is done.  Hard to believe 2 years 3 months in the making and it’s done.  I put the final applique stitches in last night and embroidered the eyes and mouths of the Boy and Girl.   I’m a bit at a loss right now.  This quilt has been such an integral part of my daily life for so long it seems odd not to be thinking about what I hope to accomplish today on it.  I’m thrilled I finished such a monumental project.  But there is a “but” hanging there.  I know I have other projects that need attention.  But…. I think I want to savor this finish just a bit.  I had a routine.  I would get up early so I could applique an hour each morning before getting ready for work.  My eyes would be fresh and I felt a sense of accomplishment while heading into work.  It just seemed to start the day on a bright note.  So for today I plan on feeling impressed by myself that I actually completed such a project.  I haven’t taken a final photo yet, but I did get a photo of one of the corners while I was working on it.  27858249_1840285456044863_942727480811019000_n26993914_1821828961223846_1738476110603559250_n

Now to order the backing.  I think I have decided on a purple polka dot.

I had to use a personal day for work today.  I have 1/4″ of ice covering everything.  Too dangerous for this old lady to get out on at this stage of my life.  Years ago I would have considered it a challenge against mother nature to get where I needed to go.  I now value my life more having survived breast cancer.  Each day is a gift.  I will not squander it.

Have a wonderful day.

Katherine Sissy Malone

Taps playing for my mini iron.

Yes, my Dritz Mini Iron went kaput.



I’m right in the middle of prepping a 100″ border.  I almost panicked.  But I managed to keep calm and convinced myself to try using the Rowenta travel iron since it is small.

To replace my mini iron I would need to go to Joann’s either at Lake Ozark or Springfield, MO.   Each are a one hour drive and since I am recuperating from surgery I am not too excited about that.  I could mail order it but the last time I ordered from Joann’s it took FOREVER to reach me.

Walmart at one time carried them in their stores.  I saw one after I had purchased mine.   They no longer carry them in the store.  So I went online and you can order them online from Walmart but it ships from a Third Party.   So I was left with trying to substitute with my Rowenta.

I am pleased to announce that I was able to  work quite well with the Rowenta.  I did have to work slowly to achieve the neat little curves but I am pleased with my work.  So no rush to get to Joanns.

While I was working away on my border, Tink, fell asleep listening to the Oak Ridge Boys.  I don’t know how she does it.


I am working on the final border for A Boy and A Girl. Ta Da.   I am excited that the journey is coming to a close for this project.  I have so enjoyed making this quilt.  I have been challenged.  I have honed my applique skills to the next level.  I have found a new confidence that yes, I can do that.  Overall this has been a wonderful journey.  I have one more applique quilt to complete before I embark on my Baltimore Album journey.  I have the confidence to tackle the Baltimore quilt that I did not have prior to making A Boy and A Girl.  It is a quilt I have been passionate about for over 30 years.  I am now confident that I will be able to add the Baltimore Album quilt to my resume and collection.  Now that’s exciting.

The final border.  Wow!!!!  I have learned so much working on this quilt.

This is what my sewing room looks like while I am sorting and looking for “just the right” fabric .  All those Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I have quite the pile of scraps.  I was thinking that they would work nicely up in Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone.  Something to think about.

You would think I should be embarrassed to show anyone what a mess my sewing area is, but hey, it’s creative clutter and when I am finished it gets cleared and put away.

Today is my birthday.  I am thankful to have made it another year.  I am a breast cancer survivor.  I am four years cancer free.  Time is precious.  Make the most of every day you have.   It took me a couple of years post surgery to realize I was going to live.  Now I have grand ambitions.  Namely, a Baltimore Album quilt.  It has taken me 2 plus years to make A Boy and A Girl.  The Baltimore quilt will probably take me about 3 years to make.   It’s a goal to strive for!!

Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Stitiches Everyone.

Sissy Malone

Time. Where Does It Go?

Here I am closing in on another year and as always I reflect on what I have accomplished.  I set goals every year. Yes, I’m a nerd, but it works for me.  Otherwise I would procrastinate.  And yes, I have my List for 2018 prepared.

Out of curiosity I went through my photos trying to figure out when I actually started on A Boy and A Girl.   Interestingly, I began it on 12/7/15.  Two years ago.  Time, where did it go?  Yes, I fit in many other projects along the way.  I have completed 8 quilts this year alone. 003 But, two years.  Wow!  I have been diligently working on the borders but when I realized it has taken me 2 years to get this far the decision has been made to put aside the other items on the List for now and  the push is on.  I want it finished.  I have  a Baltimore Album quilt in my future so I have to get this one completed.  Sadly,  my fingers can only sew so fast.  Also, I have to get up and move around periodically or I get stiff.


I have finished appliqueing the right border.  I am currently working on the left.  Then the top will be completed.  The bottom has yet to be prepped.  I am hoping for February 1 completion date.  Much work to be done.  Time.  Give me more time!

The holidays have finished and I hope everyone had a wonderful time spent with family and friends.  I know I did.  My sister gave me many wonderful gifts for Christmas.  Among them were a set of my favorite bath towels and a new tv for my sewing room.  I am surely blessed. And my friend Sheila presented me with a ceramic Santa that she painted with kitties all over it.  It is beautiful!  I love it.  Santa is even holding a black kitty.  I once had a solid black Persian named Ivan the Terrible.  That was many, many years ago. But he is still in my heart.


TIME to get back to my border.  Have a wonderful year and be safe.

Happy Stitches


BOM # 4 Bed of Roses

checkmarkMonth 4 of the BOM Bed of Roses is all prepped and ready to applique.  Really enjoying this quilt.  Totally liked the revised instructions for the scallops on the border.  Much easier for me than the original.  This is what I like about quilting, someone is always seeing a different way to achieve the same result.   Now last item on list is last border for A Boy and A Girl.   Sadly everyone has left for their own homes and it’s all quiet now and I return to work tomorrow.  I have so enjoyed my time off.


I did get other things accomplished over the holiday.  I cleaned the garage so I will be able to get my Rav4 in it when winter finally decides to rear its ugliness.  I do not like scrapping ice and snow off my windshield.   My house is clean.  That’s just because I had company though.  I managed to get my treadmill back into my spare bedroom from the garage.  My goal is to use it faithfully this winter.    I am now off to have a bit of lunch, take the doggies outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and upper 60’s temps then back in to start on that last border.

Have a great day.





I hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did.  Family and great food.  Can’t get much better.   After clean-up my sister and I headed to Wally World.  I wanted to get new movies for my sewing room.  I like to play animated movies while I sew.  I like the background music.  So I got about 8 new movies for $1.97 each and , ta da this for $9.95


So excited.  I use permanent markers to make my quilt labels.  Now they can be in technicolor!

I wouldn’t have minded to have gone black Friday shopping only quilt shop hopping, but my sister gets cross-eyed when I start talking quilting.  She has no interest in sewing.  Instead we had a great time at Menards, Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Two days shopping, no sewing, I’m having withdrawals.   Today hopefully will be spent in my sewing room.  I still have not finished my November list.  I’m getting there, just not finished.  I need to focus on The List.

UFO for November – almost completed.  Need to head to quilt shop for border fabric.  Then the top will be finished.  Will quilt it later.


The Grand Slam – Apparently there are 4 different types of Turkeys in the United States.  Hunters try to bag one of each.  This is called a grand slam.  It is considered a great accomplishment.  Well my brother has achieved this accolade.  Guess what?  He wants a quilt to commemorate his experience.  I went on line and found these descriptions defining the differences of each type of turkey.  I will use these while trying to design the quilt top.  Let me say this.  I am not an artist.  I will try though.



Currently under my needle….  I am finishing prepping Block # 4 of a Bed of Roses.  Hoping to get this finished today.  Then I will start prepping the final border for A Boy and A girl.  Then November list will be completed.  Yeah!


The Doxie quilt is finished and gifted.  She loved it.


I also completed my Long Time Gone monthly installment.  Those cross blocks were a challenge for me.  I’m not sure but I think it has to do with me getting dizzy when I look at kaleidoscope type things.  Placing the square and strips to achieve the cross pattern were similar to that for me.  But I got it done!  Yeah for me.


Here’s hoping everyone has everything they need and are blessed with love and kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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