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Month 4 Stars Completed

Worked steadily yesterday on month four of Stars assembling all pieces for star.


This morning I have finished putting center star together.


Pulled out month 5 to take a peek at it.  Looks fun.

Now to put together the next basket quilt block.  The Morning Glory.  For some reason I’m  being challenged with deciding what fabrics to use for the basket.  Will play with it later today after I get back from my follow up doctor’s appointment.  It’s raining out.  Perfect day for sewing.  Finishing up my mini vacation enjoying the quiet soothing hum of my sewing machine and patter of rain outside.  No thunder No lightning just gentle rain.  Aaahhhhh!

Have a great day!

Sissy Malone



Caution… UFO work ahead…

Yes, still plugging along on my UFO list.  I am currently tackling two at one time.  It seems that I feel the  need to break up my hand applique with some quality time at the sewing machine.  I believe it’s a need for some instant gratification.  Don’t we all like that.  At least it sounds good.

What I pulled off the infamous “Tub Shelf” is a BOM, Celebration of Stars by Marti Mitchell.  It’s a floral pastel feathered star quilt.  I’m not quite sure how old it is but somewhere around 2001.  I had managed to get thru month 3 before it was put in a tub.  Now here is the interesting part.  It was a kit at one of the local quilt shops, and at some point they had only one kit left and subsequently put it on sale.  Well, this girl likes a sale and rationalized, I already have the templates and I want to set up 2 beds in the basement for company so lets go for it.  Well I went for it.  Now I have double UFO’s of the same thing.  I think I like to punish myself.


And look…. it also has applique.

But the main UFO to be completed this year is the Basket quilt designed by Patricia Cox.  Meanwhile, working on the blocks, I’m playing around with background settings.  Right now auditioning black as the setting.  So far it’s my favorite.


The next block is the morning glory block.  I’ve selected the fabrics for the flowers but haven’t finalized the design for the pieced basket.Still trying to figure that part out.  My goal is to finish Month Four on the Star quilt then back to the baskets.  Mixing it up just bit. But of course not project can be completed without the expert advise and assistance of my associate:  Meet Tink.  She likes to supervise.


With all my tubs and unfinished UFO’s,  I still am tempted to sign up for another BOM.  I have been itching to try my hand at Friends of Baltimore by Sue Garman.  I am such a fan of hers.  But also, a blog I follow “Simple Bird”  Kerry is going to offer a combined pattern of Sue Garman’s designs as a follow along tutorial BOM.  Really tempted to sign up.  I  think I should consider joining  a 12 step program for BOM’s.   Aside from my personal issues,  Kerry offers an inspiring how-to blog on applique. When I hit a snag or have low motivation I visit Kerry’s blog for refueling and inspiration.  She gives me the jump start I need to get going again.

Today in the Ozarks my house is shrouded in fog.  I feel like I am in a chapter of the book The Hound of Baskerville.   It’s pretty creepy outside. So good day for staying in and sewing.  I have taken 3 vacation days.  Enjoying my time off in my sewing room combined with having lunch with friends, and a follow up Dr’s. appointment.  Life is good.!

Hope everyone’s day is blessed.

Sissy Malone



Honored and Humbled

I decided this year to enter several of my quilts into the Laclede County Fair.  No illusions, no expectations, but thought Autum Joy might possibly win a ribbon.  I was honored with 3 blue ribbons and Best of Show. It’s very humbling to walk into the fair and notice your quilt has been bestowed the top honor.  There were so many beautifully made quilts entered.  I’m still feeling giddy that my quilt was honored.

The three quilts entered were the Log Cabin quilt with 481 4-1/4 ” squares, Autumn Joy, and Row by Row pictured below:  The 481st block was the label on the back of the quilt.




Working on next year’s entry now. The applique basket quilt.  Slowly progressing.  Not much time for sewing this week.  Family visiting all week and working out of town a couple of days factoring diminished sewing time.  That’s okay, we’ll get back to it.

I have been asked to teach an applique (basic) and am looking forward to demonstrating basic techniques using different methods.  I love passing on knowledge I have acquired.   I recently heard a comment that I would like to adopt/embrace as my own philosophy , “There is not a quilter out there that I cannot learn something from and that I cannot possibly teach something to.”  I love that.  It is so very true.  We have been gifted with our own talents and perceptions and how to approach achieving the same results.  I think it is important for us to share those talents with whomever is willing to listen and open ourselves to continue learning from others. I find inspiration everywhere.  On the internet there are wonderful blogs, websites with tutorials.  There are awesome pattern designers.  Nature to me is my biggest inspiration.  The changing seasons, the color combinations.  It’s everywhere.

Today I get to take in what’s happening at Lake of the Ozarks.  We are going to take in some shopping, visit the Bagnell Dam and possibly find a public swim beach for my great-nephew to enjoy.  Exciting day.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Happy Sewing




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