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Plodding along with purpose.

This past week wasn’t very productive sewing wise.  But then yesterday was very productive.  I finished hand appliquéing Mr. Funny Bunny block from Sue Garman’s Autumn Joy pattern.   I am now ready to start appliquéing the second block.  I have it prepped (spray starch and freezer paper method).  I have really fallen in love with this technique.  Previously I was in the needle turn camp.  Nice to have that in my tool box when necessary, but will be using freezer paper/starch method going forward.

I also  prepped two floral appliqué blocks that finish making up what will either be a wall hanging or a table topper.  I was surprised that it took the complete day but there it is.  I just got lost in my work and really never noticed the time passing until I was finished and realized there was no more day left.  Wow, been a while since I’ve done that.



Friday night was a surprise.  It was so hot and terribly humid all day Friday.  By the time I got home from work it was absolutely oppressive.  Then the sky got black and started rumbling and the lightning appeared, the rain came down in torrents, the wind was wrecking havoc with the trees and my poor fur babies were totally terrorized.  Poor Katie couldn’t find a suitable place to hide and kept going from one end of the house to the other and alternately following me around when I was checking the status of the storm.  Those deploring eyes of hers saying, “make it stop mom”.   I was helpless so I just sat letting her put her head in my lap and petted her trying to reassure her she would be okay.  I was thankful I have gotten in the habit of unplugging my dream machine (my Bernina) when not in use as we had a power surge and lost power for a few seconds.

I did receive a very nice gift from a friend this week.  I was given a copy of a magazine I had never heard of before, “Primitive Quilts and Projects”.  It covers not only quilting but wool projects and highlighted special projects by notable names in the quilting world such as Lynette Anderson, Jan Patek, as well as   designers from Blackbird Designs and many others.  I don’t consider myself a primitive style quilter although I do admire the work.  I recognized a particular design in the magazine that was used in part in a book “Birds of a Feather” by Blackbird Designs.  I have seen several quilts made from this book and the fabrics used were not what you would classify as primitive but more light and airy feeling.  I enjoyed seeing a variation using those birds.  It’s a combination of piecing and appliqué blocks, what I like to term “folkart”.  This is one of my personal favorites in quilting to combine to two.

UFO group tomorrow, looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects.

Happy Quilting



UFO List # 1 Row by Row quilt top completed


Drum roll…. it’s done.  My version is hand appliqued machine pieced.  I enjoyed each row.   The rows are from the following quilt shops:

Row 1 at top:  Merrily We Quilt Along, Springfield, MO

Row 2:  Quilts & Quilts The Fabric Shoppe, Branson, MO

Row 3:  Love to Sew Boutique – Osage Beach, MO

Row 4:  Country Corner Quilt Shop – Harrison, Ark

Row 5:  Remember Me Quilt Shop, Mountain Home, Ar

Row 6: The Quilted Cow – Branson MO

Completed ahead of time.  I have 1 week to get more blocks prepped for other UFO’s.   Feeling Good!

Happy Quilting


The best part about today…… It’s Saturday!!!

There are so many blessings about today but first and foremost it’s Saturday.  I got to sleep in until 7:30 a.m. which is a rare thing for me.  I picked blackberries.  I mowed most of the yard.  I weed whacked (actually my least favorite thing to do) and now it is the heat of the day and I am inside rehydrating and in my sewing room.

I am bubbling with excitement because I received a package in the mail today that contained my # 3 installment for my BOM “A Boy and A Girl” by Kim Mclean.  When I opened it out popped a riot of beautiful colored fabric that felt like Liberty fabrics.  The snippets are small and I do not know who the manufacturers are but boy are they luscious to the touch.  What quilter does not like to touch and feel fabric.  Honestly, isn’t that one of the requirements of being a quilter?


My goal this weekend other than getting caught up on yard work is finishing hand appliqueing the cute owl Row by Row block.  This is the last row of my 2014 Row by Row Adventure and then I can sew it all together.  I was able to purchase a couple of license plates and I have decided to use them in the backing.


So the rest of the day will be spent appliqueing the Owl row.  Then when it cools down outside I will finish picking the blackberries.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday as much as I am mine!

Happy Quilting


Summer Is Here!

With all the rain we have had it’s a shock to the system to have 90-100 temps.  Had to use 2 days of vacation since I wasn’t able to get out on my road.


Yeah, that’s my road.  I went back home and spent the day in my sewing room.

But I got plenty accomplished.

Below is one of my Row by Row blocks.  I got it prepped and ready to hand applique.  I take it to work and stitch on it during my lunch break.


This is one of 4 blocks that make up a wallhanging or center piece for a table.  It is done.  Now ready to start block # 3.


These two blocks are prepped and are from Sue Garman’s Autumn Joy pattern.

Also on my list was Miriam’s quilt.  I am proud to announce that the top is completely pieced and has been delivered to the quilters.  Sadly it will be 7 weeks before it will be ready.

I am slightly dragging my feet on the next  Row by Row.  It requires me to use a ruler I had to purchase and have never used before.  I am out of my comfort zone, but I will tackle it this week.  I would like to have my Row by Row completed this weekend so that I can get a couple more blocks done on the  Autumn Joy quilt.   And then there is my lovely A Boy and  A Girl quilt I am still dying to start but am holding off. Need to get these other projects completed first.  I also want to make a quilt for the newest Malone to enter the world sometime in September.  I am told her name will be McKenna Grace. I am planning a Princess Quilt.  So that comes before I start playing with A Boy and A Girl.

Got the yard mowed,  I still need to weed whack.  My least favorite thing to do but it adds the finishing touch and makes the yard look nice.

Came home tonight and my little TV in my sewing room was not working.  It seems Tink and Baby Kitty had a free-for-all while I was at work.  They somehow managed to unhook the coax cable from my TV and the remote was de-programmed.   Being remote-challenged, I called Dish and they hooked me up and all is well.  I will shut the sewing room door tomorrow when I leave for work.  Lesson learned (again).

See ya…


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