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Savannah Quilt Project

January 18, 2022

I had a great birthday. We had 3” of snow for my special day. Many well wishes from friends and family. I felt special.

My niece sent me a video of Connor and his dump truck quilt that is just too precious. For some strange reason I am unable to add it to this page but it can be found on my instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/116malone/

Weight loss is slow but that digital number (no longer a pointing compass needle) is lowering by mere points. But a loss is a loss. X-rays of my hand have come back no fracture. There is something obviously going on with it as it is healing very slowly. I am seeing improvement but it is still painful at times.

I have moved on to my next project the Savannah quilt. I had most of the animal blocks pieced with only one left to piece and to put it all together. I have that completed after ripping out the background frames I had added because I did not properly read the pattern and resewing it all together. I have started the leaves that go across the top and bottom. Funny thing I thought they were feathers. I’m finding my basic math skills have flown away. I used to revel in math problem solving. Not so much now. I looked at the pattern and counted the number of leaves/feathers determined I needed 4 fabrics 4 feathers/leaves each which would be 16. Ironically I need 24 total. 12 across the top and 12 across the bottom. Yep basic math skills gone, gone gone. The first set I pieced I accidentally made 8 so decided to use 3 combinations instead of 4. While piecing the last set of 8 I forgot a step and today Jack and I are friends again today. Ay Ay Ay. For someone with so much experience I am sure making some beginner mistakes. Hoping to finish piecing this top today then the quilting adventure begins.

January 22, 2022

Today is Lasagna Soup day. I have three homemade soups I like to make. The first is a variation of my grandmother’s vegtable beef soup that I call Grannie’s Soup, the second is Lasagna Soup and the other is Ham and White Bean Soup. I have found that as I have grown older I really enjoy a good hearty soup for a meal. At some point I will post a recipe for Grannie’s Soup, it’s just that I throw it all together and have never written it down. The Lasagna Soup recipe I use can be found at www.spendwithpennies.com/lasagna-soup/ I do have to note that I did add sautee’d portabella mushroom. The Ham and White Bean soup recipe can be found at www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/white_bean_and_ham_soup/. I was introduced to a new spice in this soup and really like it’s flavoring , Herbs de Provence. I had never heard of it before nor used it. I’m a fan now.

I have also discovered HyVee’s (a local grocery store in Springfield, MO) Roasted Garlic Sour Dough Bread. I have them slice it and I freeze it once home and pull out a slice at a time and toast it to go with my soup. I usually make a pot of soup and freeze it insingle serving portions. Makes it convenient to pull out one portion and a slice of yummy bread to go with it for an awesome meal. Although I do want a peanut butter sandwich to go with Grannie’s Soup. This is a throwback to my childhood school days. The school cafeteria would serve a soup similar to my grandmother’s along with a peanut butter sandwich. I loved it. So to my way of thinking Grannie’s soup is not complete without a peanut butter sandwich to go with it.

Today I am basting the Savannah quilt. Progress, yes . Really looking forward to the challenge of quilting it.

Signed up for Craftsy for one year. Awesome videos. I have been watching machine quilting videos. Much to learn but so inspiring.

I discovered I have passed the novelty of staying in my PJ’s. When I was working sometimes I would have a Pajama Saturday. It was very liberating to stay in my PJ’s all day. But inevitably a neighbor would knock on my door and there I would be 2 .m. in my pj’s and that would cause them concern. Now that I am retired staying in my pj’s just makes me feel slovenly. Not how I want to feel for the day. So I get up and get dressed. Life has funny evolutions.

April has posted more photos. Excitement!!!! https://www.instagram.com/aprilwells.sewdarncutequilting/

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Busy day yesterday. Got the Savannah quilt basted. Lots of crawling around on the floor. Thank goodness I purchased a decent pair of knee pads. They are surely knee savers. I was able to navigate the quilt on the floor without any problems. Now that it is basted my mind travels to HOW DO I QUILT IT? My confidence level at quilting has quadrupled since I began attempting to quilt my own quilts. I have to admit I was woefully inadequate in that skill set. I have been practicing and taking video classes and my skills improve with every quilt now. I just finished watching a couple of classes of Cindy Needham’s Design It, Quilt It series. Inspired now to try a couple of different techniques on this quilt.

I also realized that I have not made my block for Saturday Sampler for February’s Meeting. That is my first project for today. Second project is to start in the ditch of the seams of the animals of the quilt, then some much needed household duties, i.e. a little cleaning and straightening up of the house. Those are the YUCK factors of life. I wish I had a housekeeper other than myself. In my mind I think of her as Gladys and she is wonderful. Too bad she is imaginary but I still like the idea of her.

Monday January 24, 2022

Good morning. Coffee in hand, already watched a video on geometric background quilting and getting ready to start my day.

Yesterday I managed to quilt the in the ditch of all the animal faces. I started out trying to match the thread to the fabric then switched to a smokey nylon see thru thread and evolved into the clear nylon thread. Winner, winner, chicken dinner that is the one I like the best. Today I hope to get the leaves/feathers in the ditch completed. Then I will treat each animal face differently and quilt different designs on each to emphasize the animals characteristics. Still like the idea of eye lashes on the zebra just for giggles. Hoping to end with the geometric background design. That part won’t be finished today.

I also made my Saturday Sampler block for February’s meeting. I am looking forward to challenging myself to quilt it using Cindy Needham’s ideas. I also believe I need to order more clear nylon thread for in the ditch quilting.

It seems that Buttercup has decided to take another walkabout. He ate his breakfast yesterday morning and that was the last I saw of him for the day. This morning he was not at my backdoor waiting for his breakfast nor did he come when I called out to him yesterday afternoon. I hope he doesn’t stay away too long this time. I worry about him. Still thinking about getting him a pet cam camera just to check out his adventures. I believe he is leading a double life and has another family somewhere.

I have completed the feathers in the ditch quilting and have begun the detail on the animal faces. Almost finished with the elephant. It’s coming along nicely. We’ll see how much I get completed tomorrow.

I have decided on a name for my Baltimore Album quilt. I believe I will call it Ozark Splendor. I had sent an email to Sue Garman’s daughters to get permission to exhibit my quilt made from her pattern Friends of Baltimore. Last night I received a return email giving me that permission. Woohoo!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Feeling accomplished today. Slept in (for me) till 6 a.m. yay! Caught up with an old friend last night on the phone so nice to touch base again. For me it’s a nice feeling to wander down the hall with coffee cup in hand and peak into my quilting room and have a quilt laying on the quilting table. What inspiration for the day. I am realizing just how much I am enjoying the challenge of machine quilting. I had shied away from it for about 40 years thinking it was NOT for me. I had other things I wanted to learn about, mainly applique. Back in the day, there seemed to me to have too many rules regarding machine quilting. Like what was acceptable. Today I’m not seeing so much rigidity. Maybe it’s because I have achieved what I wanted to achieve with applique that I am able to open myself up to learning something new. New adventures.

Today is guild meeting day. I have belonged for several years now but have never been to a meeting. Before it was because I was working. Now retired, I have more freedom. Still I’m hesitant to consider going. In my mind I say there’s next month. Excuses. Plus it’s an hour’s drive away. More excuses. That never stopped me from going to the one up north I belonged and eventually became President to the group. I have to make up my mind by 8 a.m. today.

Buttercup came home last night. I let him know I had been worried about him to which he promptly fell asleep all snuggled up in my arms in the recliner. He comes in occasionally to the house which upsets Scooter greatly because Scooter usually sits in my lap in the recliner and he does not like being supplanted. Buttercup did have a scratch on his head which appeared as if he got into some altercation while he was away. Buttercup rules!

Today quilting goal is to get as many of the animal faces quilted that I can. I also need to re-watch the video on geometric background quilting and make me a practice sample before I attempt it on my quilt.

The process of emptying out my closet in order to paint it and install the new closet system is moving along at a snail’s pace. I manage a bit every day. I wish I had a hanging rack for my clothes. I have over the door hangers and am filling those on all doors. Yikes it’s a mess but will be oh so worth it.


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