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Exploring Color Values

I have been working on my Jen Kingwell Golden Days pattern. She had a very eye pleasing combination of color and fabric design in her quilt. I am exploring my own likes and not so much of value choices. I am attempting to combine my love for small prints and mix with larger scale prints. A challenge for me for sure. Those larger scale prints trip me up at times. It’s a comfort zone thing and I’m still working on it. I also learned when I was first putting fabrics together for the fractured hexagon blocks I was choosing darker value fabrics than I had thought. After the first couple of blocks were constructed I realized I would have to go down on the color value to get the look I was wanting. I figure I will still be able to use the darker blocks just mixed with the lighter value ones. I have really enjoyed making these blocks. Next up will be the Tulip Star blocks and they appear to be challenging. They have diamond piece construction. Good thing I just finished Edyta Sitar’s Stars upon Stars quilt. I’ll hopefully be able to utilize those skills.

Fractured Hexagons

I have recently read “The Making of A Baltimore Album Quilt” by Frances Benton. The Forward is written by Elly Sienkiewicz (the grandmother of the Baltimore Album Revival and one of my early mentors). The Forward and the actual text of the book paralleled my own journey in making my Album quilt. I related so much to both of their descriptions and all the feelings of joys and frustrations that are involved in taking on such a challenge. When I finished my Album quilt I said I did not think I had another one in me as it took 3 years to make and yet there are times I am looking through my books and thinking which background fabric would I choose and what color theme would I use since red is one of my least favorite colors. I guess I can just mark it up to a moment of insanity that will pass as I have way too many projects on my bucket list. But my mind does wander there at times. This book is out of print but if you are able to locate it I recommend it.

The Making of a Baltimore Album Quilt

Then I got a feed on Facebook notifying me of a new Jen Kingwell block of the month. Be still my heart. I don’t have time to add another project, but temptation exists in this new pattern “Caution Curves Ahead”. I enjoy combining applique with piecing.

Caution Curves Ahead

Chocolate Chip cookies are on the menu today. I will be baking them this afternoon for our church dinner tomorrow.

I attended our Electric Coop Annual Meeting last night but left early. I got a text from a friend saying congrats what did you win? I was like What????? Win what? I guess I won a drawing at the Meeting last night of an Air Fryer but because was not there they gave it to someone else. How about that. I never win anything. I have 2 air fryers so its just as well they gave it to someone else.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sissy Malone


Ideas For A Class Project

I’ve been asked to teach an applique class on techniques at our local quilt shop. Thrilled at the prospect, terrified of not living up to expectations. Saying to myself, Courage Sissy as in the the film Willow when he was faced with a challenge. I came up with ideas, discarded ideas, and finally settled on a small project that would incorporate some techniques. I am now second guessing the butterfly I drew. I’m concerned it may be too challenging. I think I will offer a 2nd drawing that they can substitute if they choose. My hope is to encourage them not discourage. It’s building blocks. Points of my class are prepared edge applique, bias stems of 3 different sizes, circles, points, curves, and reverse applique. Here is my design :

While thinking about a suitable project to demonstrate these techniques my thoughts wandered to the different styles and pattern designs of applique quilts and their designers. I considered who I am drawn to, as I have minimal talent in drawing, and what draws me to their designs. While I appreciate what I perceive as complicated designs such as Ely Sienkiewicz’s I discovered I am drawn to artists like Sue Garman, Irene Blanck, Janet Stone, Pearl Piera, Karen K Buckley and Mimi Dietrich there are others as well. These are just the first to come to mind. I totally rely on their designs and enjoy interpreting them through different fabric styles.

Still working on my Jen Kingwell pattern Golden Days I would like to have it completed by end of September.

Also pleased to announce Missouri Splendor awarded 1st Place Blue Ribbon in its division and class at Ozark Empire Fair. One more competition left for this season and that will be the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild Show the end of September.

I have been thinking of late how nice it was when my brother has wired my previous sewing room so that when I turned of the light swtich it also shut down all the outlets in the room, i.e. the iron etc. I have been missing that feature. Although that would not work in my current sewing room as that is where the internet modem is plugged so I put on my thinking cap. I remembered I had an old surge protector around that was also a strip allowing more than one plug. Now to find the darn thing. Bingo, found it. This works beautifully. I can plug all my irons and light box that I use for my applique and all I have to do when I am finished is turn the power strip off.

The heat and the drought conditions have been draining all my energy. I’m thinking I’ve lost part of my southern roots. I did come to appreciate the lovely mild summers of Minnesota. Along with quilting I also enjoy reading. I am currently working my way through the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I am on book 6. I did not read these when they came out but ironically I would purchase the new volume of the series for my ex-husband each Christmas. Odd that I never read them. But here I am all these years later reading them and enjoying them. When I am done sewing for the day I head to my camper in the driveway with a glass of pop and my book and spend an hour or two snuggled in reading and pretend camping.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sissy Malone

Accolades and Challenging Piecing

Woo Hoo my Missouri Splendor aka Baltimore Album Quilt, was awarded Best of Show at our local county fair. This Saturday it is being entered into the Ozark Empire Fair. I still enjoy competition. I have a friend who has expressed some negativity about competition quilts as looking for approval or filling some void. That’s okay she can have those thoughts and feelings. I still enjoy it. I remember early on in my quilting life (novice is a better description) going to the Minnesota State Fair, if you have never gone I recommend it, and standing in awe at the quilts and admiring them. The skillfulness in which they were made encouraged and challenged me to pursue classes from various instructors to learn different techniques and improve my own skillset. I have to admit that I traveled to California to take classes and specifically took a tour at the DAR Museum to study early applique quilts. These early quilters were my mentors and I am thankful for having been exposed to their work. Without those positive influences and encouragement and viewing competition quilts I may not have become the quilter I am today.

I recently received a compliment that I am holding dear to my heart about admiring my quilts and hoping to become as skilled as I have. That compliment reminded me of my own journey, viewing quilt shows, the state fair and other exhibitions and my mentors along the way of achieving a Best of Show award and I smiled and thought to myself if I can be a positive influence and encourage any one to pursue the art of quilt making or improve upon their skillset then I would gladly become a mentor for someone.

Afternoon Delight a pattern by Sue Garman is also completed and has been assigned a new name, “Oh My Giddy Aunt”. She is complete and this time I will be quilting her on my Q16.

Currently under my needle is a Jen Kingwell pattern, Golden Days. Challenging with many curved pieced blocks. I have made a Drunkards Path quilt before but I hand pieced it. I am challenging myself with the different curved blocks to machine piece them. The offset is there are lots a applique blocks to relieve the anxiety of curved piecing.

Still working on my To Do list for this year. The happy news is finishing Golden Days and Moda Blockheads 3 will complete my list of quilt tops to make for 2022. I will then start quilting them and hopefully have them done by the end of the year so that 2023’s list can get started. Yes, I already have that list put together.

Also on my list for 2022 was a cute little Pickle Dish pattern. I paper pieced it and modified to the border but also used fabrics from my 1990’s feed sack repro fabrics. This top is also completed and added to the to be quilted stack.

This time of year I notice all the colorful wildflowers of Missouri. I am particularly drawn to this vibrant orange flower. I do not know its name but I enjoy its beauty. And notice the lovely little purple companion flower, don’t they make a nice couple.

Well off to quilt a baby doll quilt for a friend. Happy quilting everyone and stay inside and cool as our temps are soring to triple digits this week.

Have a blessed day.

Sissy Malone

New Tools, New Gadgets

Happy Birthday Paul.

Hello all.

Stars Upon Stars is done.

I made the big push to finish Stars and get them sewn together. It took me two days to assemble the pieces into a quilt top and with a sigh of relief it is complete. I am thoughtfully considering my quilting design. Each block has 300 pieces so in the ditch quilting is not a consideration. I am pondering ideas from Cindy Needham’s video utilizing old hand quilting stencils. I have an idea percolating and many old hand quilting stencils stored away just waiting to make a come back.

I have moved onto the next project on my “To Do” list for 2022 which is Afternoon Delight a pattern by Sue Garman. I had started this about the same time as Friends of Baltimore but had to put it aside to concentrate solely on Friends. My thought was to try to use up as much of my collection of feed sack reproductions as possible. Sadly I am not even making a dent. I do have future projects that will use those fabrics so there is hope yet. I believe this will be my next quilt to quilt. I already have ideas rolling around and am considering which threads to use. I had planned on a July 4th completion date but now am eyeing June 15th, if all goes well.

My Saturday Sampler group met yesterday in Springfield and our assignment last month was making 3 x 6 flying geese. There is of course the Bloc Loc ruler made specifically for that size. However, I did happen to run across a Creative Grids ruler at out local quilt shop in Lebanon, Buckles, Bobbins and Bolts made for various sizes of flying geese using a “no fabric waste” technique. I now have a new gadget. Yes, I’m a gadget girl. Love new tools. I have to say I am very impressed with this ruler and see myself utilizing more so than the Bloc Loc ruler. This is just my personal opinion. The creative grids ruler is more costly than the bloc loc version but I believe it is worth the extra expense. Also the instructions are very easy to follow.

Last year I purchased an apple tree and planted it into a planter to be placed on my deck. This year I have two apples. Success!!!!!

I recently had a visit from my sister’s chickens. Apparently they like my deck.

Happy stitches everyone and hope your June is filled with the joys that fill you.


Spring and all it’s Beauty

It’s been a while since I have visited. Where to begin. Went to Omaha with a friend to visit her daughter and son-in-law and delivered a quilt I made for her.

While traveling I finished sewing the hand portion of a binding for my practice piece of applying piping before putting on binding.

I learned a great deal, basically, I need more practice before I put piping on my Baltimore Album quilt. I will be watching another video today.

Here it is piping attached and of course the Quality Assurance Inspector is giving it the once over.

also decided upon the label. I reduced the peacock in one of the blocks by 50 percent and hand appliqued that for my label. The reduced size made a 5” bird.

I quilted two quilts for a friend and put on two flange bindings for finishing. Pleased with how they turned out.

Hopefully she will be too.

Got my Saturday Sampler block made so ready to go there. Getting all my little to do list checked off. It’s time to quit procrastinating and get busy on finishing my Baltimore Album.

It’s turkey hunting season here in the Ozarks. I am really missing my brother today. For 20 plus years he came for a week or two turkey hunting and always got his bird/s. It seems very strange for him not to be here even though he’s been gone for 3 ½ years. The redbuds are in bloom and the dogwoods are starting to pop out. This always reminds me of my brother.

I was surprised this week by my friend Christine who made me the loveliest quilt for my camper. I am totally obsessed with it and feel especially special that she made it for me.

Work is progressing on the Stars Upon Stars quilt. I have completed 14 of the 15 star blocks. Each was always a surprise. I would lay out the 9 fabrics to make the spokes in what I presumed to be a pleasing arrangement and was always surprised with how they actually turned out. For some reason I am just not able to visualize the outcome. I suppose in a way that’s the novelty of it and why I am enjoying making these blocks. It started out as a challenge working with “Y” seams of which now I am a professional (haha) and now its more of how are those fabrics are going to translate into a block?

There is the hope of completing this quilt tip by end of this month.

I will end today with photos of my second passion spring in bloom. These are taken from my beautiful flowers and shrubs this spring. Enjoy the eye candy.

The dwarf korean lilac. Oh the perfum it puts out and it is in full force right now just below my sewing room window.

Beautiful Iris I stopped and acquired from the roadside last year and look how lovely it has bloomed.

L ook at those snowballs. I had been struggling with this shrub producing snowballs. Last year it only had a couple so I decided not to trim the bush last summer and have left it au natural and just look at the result. It’s fabulous.

This is the year of surprises. This white bleeding heart was planted in my garden about 6 years ago and just this year has decided to bloom. Such a slow grower.

Then there is my reliable pink bleeding heart and it is stunning as ever this year.

It is spring in the ozarks which translates to flash flooding. Here are some during and after photos:

Hope all is well and off I go to work on Star # 15.

Have a wonderful day.


Successful First Camping Trip

Back home after my first solo camping trip to the AQS Quilt Show in Branson, MO. My trip was definitely an affirmation on “You Can Do This”. I had been nervous about going solo in a travel trailer but wow oh wow did I knock it out of the park. Towing was no problem, GPS delivered me directly to the campground in Branson, check in was a breeze, had a beautiful spot looking right at the lake with a pull thru site (I know I cheated). I did not have to stress about backing up the camper. Set up had it’s challenges. I have since ordered a couple of items that would have made setting up easier. I had a bit of a leak in my water hook up so have ordered a click easy hook up. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I had a difficult time due to my hand injury tightening everything, even with a wrench. Hopefully the quick thingy will help. The people I met were very nice, the campground was clean the bathhouse was clean and had a coded entry. There was even a free Trolley available to the convention center that was 5 blocks away. The nights were high 30’s and the days were high 40’s. My Alde heat system performed beautifully kept me a toasty 70 degrees inside and had hot water. I have to say I am much more confident in my ability to handle my camper on any trip I choose to take. Girl Power!

I did realize I took waaaay toooooo much stuff. It was quite claustraphic inside until I started removing items and putting them in the back of the FJ. When I got home I went thru EVERYTHING and boxed up stuff and put in the storage shed. I have a sleek pared down camping system ready for my next adventure. I have also made a list of must haves so hopefully the next trip I won’t forget my power cord and foot peddle like I did this time.

Take a look thru that kitchen window. Notice that beautiful bridge? Well that was my view.

Max took the trip with me. I was worried about being in an all day class and not being able to take him outside (no room for a crate) so I put peepee pads down. Amazingly, he held himself until I took him out the whole trip. Yay. But he did get in the garbage one day and also knocked his water bowl over in the process. Thankfully the water was obsorbed and did not ruin the floor.

All in all a very successful trip for me.

AQS quilt show. I took a beginner machine quilting class from Cindy Seitz-Krug. I learned some of her valuable tips on machine quilting. What I enjoy is taking these classes from different instructors and pulling their techniques and compile them into my use and skillset. I have to say I was a bit bored in the morning session it was a bit tooo beginner, but the afternoon session was well worth the cost of the class. I assumed the class was to be a project that was pictured as the description of the class. Nope. But I learned I have the skillset to create my own.

These are Cindy’s quilts she hung in the class:

I also volunteered thru the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild to assist Bonnie Browning with her lecture. What a highlight for me. I have admired her work for many years with AQS. She is such an inspiration, afterall she is in charge of putting on all of the AQS quilt shows.


Oh Yeah what fun. I am currently working on a civil war type quilt and will have lots of left over fabric. What to do, what to do? I found a fun quilt pattern that will be perfect to use those left over fabrics.

While in the process of designing a beginning applique project to teach at our local quilt shop Buckles, Bobbins and Bolts, thinking it will be made with traditional fabrics to display to advertise the class. Then when in the class I will bring out the razzamatazz sample of the same pattern to show how to step out of the box. Found these wonderfull pieces to play with for that project.

This is the quilt that took Best of Show – it was incredible.

Happy Stitches Everyone

Sissy Malone

Stars Upon Stars, Branson AQS, Camping

February 28th, 2022 Monday

Busy, busy, busy. So many options of tasks from which to choose. Recently took a trip to Rogers, Arkansas where I picked up my beautiful Baltimore Album style quilt from April Wells, It is so very stunning. It is amazing to me that I made this beautiful quilt. But I know I did because it took me 3 years. The excitement has subsided a bit and reality is here and I have much to do to complete this quilt. Piping, binding, blocking and label. Tadda then it’s ready for show season.

March 21, 2022

Where has the month gone? Spending time with friends, squeezing in some quilting sewing, enjoying the sunshine on the crazy 70 degree days, getting in some exercise via walking intermittently (commitment issues there I think) oh and I did finish the closet project. That’s where my time has gone.

I did squeeze in a trip to Springfield to Bass Pro Shops with my sister and brother in law.

Speaking of the closet, I am very pleased with my innovation ideas to fit the space I have as well as address my personal needs within the space. Revamping the original idea (closet kit) challenged my carpentry skills but I successfully met and went beyond my expectations of myself.

I did give myself a no sewing

moratorium while the closet project was underway. If I had not I would have gotten side tracked and procrastinated on finishing the closet when the challenge got tough.

With the closet project behind me I am able to give my full attention back to the Stars Upon Stars quilt. I have to say I have developed a system on these blocks that has improved my “y” seam skills and made the making of the blocks enjoyable. Enjoyable because my OCD is appeased because those 8 pointed stars do not have “D” cups. They actually lie/lay flat.

I have ziplock baggies marked with ½ and whole where I store the larger star diamonds made from 9 different fabrics. I then choose the fabrics for the small stars and ½ stars that create the connecting squares and triangles for the 12” blocks and add to each back. I pick a bag at random and complete the block. I have 8 whole 12” star blocks completed of 15 and 5- half star blocks completed of 11.

As I have said before, I am always surprised of the end result. This one I found pleasing.

I have a new Ott light and Baby Kitty seems to think it’s her personal heat lamp. She likes it. I think she has odd behavior but she is a cat.

The big news is I am heading to Branson, MO tomorrow on my maiden camping trip to attend the AQS Branson Quilt Show. Pulling my cute little camper I bought 2 years ago specifically for use in retirement to attend the long distance quilting events. Then Covid hit. Tomorrow is the beginning of hopefully many adventures and of course it’s supposed to storm and rain for my 2 hour drive. I’m a big girl. I can handle it. I have signed up for a class with Cindy Seitz-Krug for beginner machine quilting. Hoping to add some new techniques and skills to my limited abilities. Plus I want to view all those beautiful artistic quilts.

Today’s adventure is packing and getting ready to hit the road.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day.

Sissy Malone

Baltimore Album Quilts, Stars Upon Stars

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022

Suffering some sort of sinus infection that is effecting my teeth. Yikes the pain has been unbelievable and no help from the dentist. What a waste of my time and insurance money. It seems to be subsiding for which I am very thankful, again no thanks to the dentist. Rant over about dentists.

I am actually feeling better and am building up my motivation to work on my Stars Upon Stars quilt. There are many components to this quilt and I am breaking it down and working on one component at a time. There are 42 sashings required and I have made 31 and have put them aside. I am now putting together fabrics for the 15 star blocks. My plan is to make 5-6 star block diamonds this week and next week make the corresponding setting mini stars and half stars. With what I have already made that will put in at the halfway mark. Progress. This is a very challenging quilt for me. I am honing that “Y” seam 8 pointed star technique and I am also working with fabrics I am not naturally drawn. These are civil war reproductions and are darker fabrics. I am usually working with bright vibrant fabrics. Yes, it’s a challenge to shift gears. I keep wanting to throw in a spicy bright fabric. I am also challenged by the kaleidoscope feel of the stars. My thoughts wander to how am I going to quilt this? Toying with ideas. Need more practice in this area.

There are still patches of snow and ice in the shadowy areas that remind us we are still technically in the winter season. Yesterday we reached temps of almost 60. So nice. Rain in the forecast later in the week. That will take care of lingering snow and ice.

Friday February 18, 2022

Wooo chilly morning with a bit of snow/sleet accumulation. When I lived up north this would have been called a skiff. Just a dusting on the ground. Some trees have some ice on the branches. The ice had the appearance of tear drops. So very pretty in the sunlight. Good news is supposed to get close to 50 today. Here today, gone tomorrow is my motto for this crazy weather. I’m considering walking in this crazy mess today. To be determined.

I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome Zoom presentation on Baltimore Album Quilts while it was live. It has now been uploaded to You Tube. I highly recommend this presentation. So informative on the historical origins and the impact it continues to have with today’s quilters. Textile Talks – Quilt Alliance

I learned much more than I had thought. I thought I knew the history behind them. So much more has been uncovered. The panelists were Debby Cooney, Nancy Kerns, Ronda Harrell McAllen and Mimi Dietrich all very accomplished and informed ladies.

My head was swimming with this new information and I was an absolute sponge trying to absorb and formulate this information into my brain. A question came up, Why did this style of quilt fall out of favor? Different opinions were discussed, invention of sewing machine 1854, political unrest (civil war on horizon) ; major participants left the area. Too bad we are not able to time travel to get those answers. Quiltfolk magazine # 21 Maryland is dedicated to covering these quilts and has interviews recorded. I ordered my issue right away. When the presentation concluded I sat mulling over what I had heard and I realized that I am now a member of this very special sisterhood as I have completed my own Baltimore Album style quilt. It is a very humbling notion that I am associated with all the talented ladies who have come before me and who are now actively working on and teaching this style of quilting.

I am still working on Edyta Sitar’s Stars Upon Stars pattern. I am focusing on the 8 pointed star segments for the 12” block at this time. I am planning, imagining and discarding layouts. It’s like a kaleidoscope and difficult for me to imagine the finished product. So each one is a surprise for me as it is nothing like I had imagined it. There are 15 whole stars in the project. 4 completed and 5-6 works in progress so that will leave 5 to make. It does require fussy sewing (precision). A challenge for sure. Today I am hopeful of completing this compartmentalization of work and get a total of 6 completed. I have 2 ½ left. Totally doable today.

Have an awesome day.

Sissy Malone

Finishing Projects, Stars Upon Stars

February 7, 2022 Monday

It’s been an emotional week. My sister has taken ill with pancreatitis and possibly a perforated ulcer (we had no idea she had an ulcer). I took her to the ER on Friday and on Saturday she was transported to Springfield where personnel are trained to treat her condition. As of yesterday they were taking another CAT scan to better determine what’s going on in her tummy. Hopefully today we will have answers and a course of action. It’s been an emotional roller coaster.

We had a winter storm and were blessed with a bit of ice/sleet and 5-6 inches of snow. Pretty much everything shut down. I have 4-wheel drive so I was able to navigate without any problems. They just plowed our road yesterday 5 days after storm.

I have not had the opportunity to walk and I am struggling with my weight loss. I have lost 30 pounds but am having a problem getting past that. The good news is I am down a size in clothing and have started the process of going through my closet and weeding out those items that are too big. Very nice feeling. I feel better, look better and have more energy. My goal is 60 pounds in 1 year. I’ll keep at it.

Not sure where I was when life got crazy but I finished the Savannah quilt and made the label. I am very pleased with the results. I had taken a machine applique class with Jody at Merrily We Quilt Along in Springfield, MO. I have been s self taught machine appliquer but needed to learn some finer tips on points and curves etc. I also learned about some of the uses of fusibles. I translated those lessons into my label for the Savannah quilt. I found a cute Orangutan print on Pinterest and translated it into my label. I hope I am not breaking any copyright laws by doing that.

I had planned on taking it for show and tell at our Saturday Sampler group but that got canceled and rescheduled for next Saturday. I will take it then.

Now its on to the next quilt on my list which is a BOM from Homestead Hearth Quilts, Stars upon Stars by Edyta Sitar. It is a very challenging 8 pointed star quilt. Very tiny pieces. I think that’s what attracted it to me was the challenge. I wish I could be appliqueing but my hand has not quite healed yet from being crushed by a window dropping on it. Still don’t have full range of motion with first finger. X-rays say not broken so soft tissue injury and they do take time to heal. In the meantime I am having fun with my quilting machine and sewing machine.

When I have been receiving my BOM packets in the mail I have been breaking them down into 1 12” star block; 1 3” corner block; 1 half star block. Now that I have several months of fabric and 3 month’s behind I am at a place where I can make multiples. I need 42 sashings for this quilt. I am focusing right now on making as many of those as I can so I can set them aside. The center of each sashing is a civil war pink color. I will use up what I have and wait for more pink fabrics to come. I have cut strips for 22 sashings. That is my project now. Mindless strip sewing. Good practice for accurate ¼” seam allowance.

AQS is coming to Branson in March. I have signed up to work 1 day through the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild. I have also signed up for a machine quilting class with Cindy Sietz-Krug. Excited to learn anything new for my Q16 and any new designs. I am taking my cute little camper and have reserved my site.

AQS Paducah my absolute favorite quilt show is in April and I have signed up for a sit down machine quilting class and am on the wait list for Susan Cleveland’s Piping Hot Binding class. I also have my reservations for a campsite. This time I am going Sunday thru Sunday. Very excited about that.

April sent an updated photo of the border quilting on my Missouri Splendor quilt. The finish is heading our way. It’s beautiful.

Praying every one is safe, healthy and happy.

Sissy Malone

Savannah Quilt Finished

January 26, 2022

Rip, rip and more ripping. Somehow my thread got messed up on my Q16 and one whole ear of my wildebeest had a mangled mess on the bottom side of the quilting. I know when I start to get tired I need to quit sewing. I know better. Stubborn is my best guess or on a positive note a drive to complete. I was so frustrated that I had to put it away and wait for the morning to finish ripping. On a positive note June the owner of Buckles, Bobbins & Bolts our local quilt shop in Lebanon, MO recommended to me a new product she had gotten called The Gypsy Quilter Ultra-Fin EZ TWEEZY, a precision detail tweezer. I found these to be excellent when I was ripping out quilting stitches and pulling up to teeny loose threads, it also works well for pulling up the bobbin thread. I like gadgets that simplify my life and I’ve just added this to my collection of gadgets. Love it! Just look at those nice fine tips for grabbing thread!

Wildebeest, Rhino and Lion blocks are all that are left to quilt. Then onto background filler. I have made up my practice sandwich to teach myself the geometric background. It actually looks like it will be fun.

Walked a bit yesterday with my new walking shoes. Yes, it was cold and windy but it’s winter. I was really interested in seeing how my bunion surgery foot would perform in the new shoes. They did pretty well. I’ll try again today and add about ¼ mile, work myself up again without getting shin splints and injurying my foot.

Busy quilting this a.m. Finished all detail quilting on animal faces and have started background filler. It’s a geometric design but free motion. I’m actually enjoying it.

Needed a break so headed out for a walk on this sunny chilly day. Took a little walk with Jesus and had a nice conversation. Decided to study sunshine and shadow as I walked and how light played on shadows.

Really noticed what a brilliant blue the sky is compared to the dead tree. I expected to see an eagle or a hawk perched on one of those branches.

Then I came across an old loafing shed that time has forgotten. As I study the colors in this photo I notice how calm and soothing they are. There are taupes, tans and a hint of brownish orange.

Blue seems to be my color of the day. My eyes were directed to the cedar trees and the beautiful seeds being displayed.

This one is my favorite.

January 29, 2022 – Saturday

It is finished! Savannah quilt is quilted, binding machine sewed on. Today hand sewing to complete. Woohoo. I’m pleased with the results. This quilt was made for someone who works at a zoo. Their primary interest is primates. They have not been able to secure a position in that area being it has more interest and is difficult to obtain. They are still working with animals they love. I decided I would try to make the label with an Orangutan on it as that is her first love. I found this on Pinterest and am going to translate it into a label. At first I was simply going to hand applique it and then, ding, ding, ding, I remembered I am taking a machine applique class on Monday so why not practice what I learn in that class. Now I am holding off making the label until after I take the class.

Walked again yesterday, 3 days in a row. It was pretty chilly the wind coming out of the north but not too bad as I was bundled for it. Did not see anything that caught my eye, good thing as I left my phone at home. Once I got home in the yard was a hummingbird nest from last year that had gotten blown out of the cedar tree. They really are tiny little nests.

Have an awesome day.

Sissy Malone

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Stitching Impressions

All aspects of longarm quilting

Texas Quilting

- Quilting in the Lone Star State


This is the blog site for Gladi Porsche's Quilts

Esther's Design Blog

My UFO Adventure 12 Months 12 Projects

Krista Withers Quilting

My UFO Adventure 12 Months 12 Projects

A Passion for Applique

My UFO Adventure 12 Months 12 Projects

LucyAnn &Luna craft

crafting,dachshunds including other bits & bobs

Glorious Applique

My UFO Adventure 12 Months 12 Projects

Ruthie quilts! And quilts...

Just another weblog

Simple Bird Applique

Making a stitch at a time.

Tim Latimer - Quilts etc

My adventures in Quilting and Gardening

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