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2017 Fresh Beginnings A New Year A New List of UFO’s

Fresh Beginnings doesn’t that sound inspiring.

January 1st, 2017 – 365 days of planning, sewing & finishing those pesky UFO’s.  I have a sewing room full of tubs of projects I thought at one time I had to make.  Many have fabrics, patterns included.  Some are just the idea of the quilt, like a photograph or page torn out of a magazine.  From time to time they tug at me to open them up and consider working on them.  I am feeling that tug today.  Yet, I have my current project on my sewing table to be finished.

Kudos to me.  I cleaned my sewing room!  I believe having brushed against those UFO tubs has given me the curiosity to peek into them and say, “hello, I haven’t forgtotten you”.  I am truly trying to stay focused on the list I would like to accomplish this year.  But sometimes it’s a challenge.

Yesterday, I had planned on cutting and sewing together 2016 Saturday Sampler quilt.  Surprise, surprise,  I had not completed block # 12.  Seven Sisters, a block of English Paper Piecing.  Slap to the forehead.  I had put off making this block while I worked on A Boy and A Girl blocks.  Not to get discouraged, I dug right in and started making the block.  I am hoping to finish the block today.

Maybe today I can actually start sewing the quilt top together.  It is a half log cabin setting.  I have made a quilt like this before.  The instructions for this one are a bit different than the technique I had used before.  I toyed with the idea of drafting my own pattern, but have decided I will be adventurous and follow this designers instructions.  Then I will have something to compare and know going forward which technique I prefer.  You never know if you will like something or not until you try it.  At least that’s what I’ve always been told.


Just 3 more sisters to go and I can finish this block.

I have a birthday coming up and I am trying to decide what to give myself as a present.  I need a new mat for my sewing table.  The one in the photo above is 36 years old and is starting to show it’s wear and tear.   But then I just saw this quilt book by Jen Kingwell, Long Time Gone, and all I could think of is what a wonderful way to use up my scraps.  I think the mat may wait a bit longer.

Happy Stitches and Happy New Year Everyone




Still Here Working Away….

How does time get away so fast.  It is mid-October and and I don’t have very much to show for myself.  Way too much socializing and I can also throw in a bit under the weather.  My allergies are killing me.  I wonder if what is supposed to be fall in the Ozarks but feels like a mild summer is having it’s effect on me.  Either way I’m dragging my feet.  It could simply be just not enough hours in the day.

So pushing forward I am working on my Saturday Sampler Block 11 a Chevron Star Variation.  8 pointed stars and y-seams have never been anywhere near the top of my list of favorite blocks, actually, it doesn’t make the list at all.   Here I am  making faces at the block.  It’s been quite some time since I have worked with diamonds and y-seams so I am going back to basics and marking all of my  intersecting seam allowances.  I know it’s putzy and I’m sure there are quicker ways but in my defense I have been away from the quilting world for over 10 years and I am having to rely on my own knowledge base.  It is what it is.  I want my block to be flat when finished and not have a “D” cup in the middle.003005004

I also got some advice from my newest rescue “Gibbs”.  He did give me his paw of approval.


Gibbs encouraged me to stay the course and carry on.  I even momentarily considered hand piecing this block and then came to my senses and sat back down at the machine.

Here are photos of the process:






Yep, I remembered how to sew together an 8 pointed star with y-seams and no “D” cups in sight!  Now that’s cause for celebration.  No poofy center to try to “quilt out”.  Not happening here!

Now I get to prep Block 3 of A Boy and a Girl.  That makes me happy!

Have a wonderful day everyone and celebrate your accomplishments.


April UFO 1987ish Sampler top finished

Wow the top is completed.  4 months 4 quilts so far.  I’m keeping pace.  May will be questionable but I enjoy a challenge.  I have a couple a projects going, plus yard work, veggie garden.  I will persevere.

Again, all I can say is “what was I thinking” color wise with this sampler.  No matter, the top is done.  Big check mark.  Feeling smug today. I’m still on vacation for today and tomorrow.   Cleaned my sewing room, boy I can make a mess while focused on a project.  Thread everywhere, snippets of fabric all over, rulers and tools right where I left them.  I hate doing that.  I like neat and orderly in my sewing room.  But all is put back in place now and everything set up for my next class of paper piecing.  Really liking this technique.  It speaks to my geekyness.

Also packed up my dream sewing machine for its annual checkup.  Wow has it been a year.  Time flies.  It seems as if I just bought it.  I will have to leave it there for a week.  At first,  I experienced a bit of anxiety over not having my machine which is my BFF now.  But I calmed myself down remembering I still have my trusty Pfaff as backup.

Here are the photos for the 1987ish Sampler top finished.

sampler quilt 001sampler quilt 003sampler quilt 004sampler quilt 005sampler quilt 006sampler quilt 007sampler quilt 008sampler quilt 009

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