Baltimore Album Quilts, Stars Upon Stars

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022

Suffering some sort of sinus infection that is effecting my teeth. Yikes the pain has been unbelievable and no help from the dentist. What a waste of my time and insurance money. It seems to be subsiding for which I am very thankful, again no thanks to the dentist. Rant over about dentists.

I am actually feeling better and am building up my motivation to work on my Stars Upon Stars quilt. There are many components to this quilt and I am breaking it down and working on one component at a time. There are 42 sashings required and I have made 31 and have put them aside. I am now putting together fabrics for the 15 star blocks. My plan is to make 5-6 star block diamonds this week and next week make the corresponding setting mini stars and half stars. With what I have already made that will put in at the halfway mark. Progress. This is a very challenging quilt for me. I am honing that “Y” seam 8 pointed star technique and I am also working with fabrics I am not naturally drawn. These are civil war reproductions and are darker fabrics. I am usually working with bright vibrant fabrics. Yes, it’s a challenge to shift gears. I keep wanting to throw in a spicy bright fabric. I am also challenged by the kaleidoscope feel of the stars. My thoughts wander to how am I going to quilt this? Toying with ideas. Need more practice in this area.

There are still patches of snow and ice in the shadowy areas that remind us we are still technically in the winter season. Yesterday we reached temps of almost 60. So nice. Rain in the forecast later in the week. That will take care of lingering snow and ice.

Friday February 18, 2022

Wooo chilly morning with a bit of snow/sleet accumulation. When I lived up north this would have been called a skiff. Just a dusting on the ground. Some trees have some ice on the branches. The ice had the appearance of tear drops. So very pretty in the sunlight. Good news is supposed to get close to 50 today. Here today, gone tomorrow is my motto for this crazy weather. I’m considering walking in this crazy mess today. To be determined.

I had the opportunity to participate in an awesome Zoom presentation on Baltimore Album Quilts while it was live. It has now been uploaded to You Tube. I highly recommend this presentation. So informative on the historical origins and the impact it continues to have with today’s quilters. Textile Talks – Quilt Alliance

I learned much more than I had thought. I thought I knew the history behind them. So much more has been uncovered. The panelists were Debby Cooney, Nancy Kerns, Ronda Harrell McAllen and Mimi Dietrich all very accomplished and informed ladies.

My head was swimming with this new information and I was an absolute sponge trying to absorb and formulate this information into my brain. A question came up, Why did this style of quilt fall out of favor? Different opinions were discussed, invention of sewing machine 1854, political unrest (civil war on horizon) ; major participants left the area. Too bad we are not able to time travel to get those answers. Quiltfolk magazine # 21 Maryland is dedicated to covering these quilts and has interviews recorded. I ordered my issue right away. When the presentation concluded I sat mulling over what I had heard and I realized that I am now a member of this very special sisterhood as I have completed my own Baltimore Album style quilt. It is a very humbling notion that I am associated with all the talented ladies who have come before me and who are now actively working on and teaching this style of quilting.

I am still working on Edyta Sitar’s Stars Upon Stars pattern. I am focusing on the 8 pointed star segments for the 12” block at this time. I am planning, imagining and discarding layouts. It’s like a kaleidoscope and difficult for me to imagine the finished product. So each one is a surprise for me as it is nothing like I had imagined it. There are 15 whole stars in the project. 4 completed and 5-6 works in progress so that will leave 5 to make. It does require fussy sewing (precision). A challenge for sure. Today I am hopeful of completing this compartmentalization of work and get a total of 6 completed. I have 2 ½ left. Totally doable today.

Have an awesome day.

Sissy Malone


About Sissy Malone

I've been actively sewing since Jr. High School. But specifically drawn to quilting since I was 17/18 years old. My grandmother was a quilter and I became fascinated with the process. I fell in love (awestruck) is a better word viewing applique quilts by Gladys Rashka at the Minnesota State Fair in the 70's. A love affair was born of applique quilts. I still machine piece, but am always drawn to applique. I took classes learning different techniques and also traveled to California and studied a whole week at Asilomar with Elly Sienkiewicz. Quilting is my passion. I am always open to learning a new technique but still rely on handwork. View all posts by Sissy Malone

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