Still Hot!

Summer is reminding us that she is still hanging in there . Temps this week upper 90’s which would not be terrible if not for the humidity. It even curls my naturally curly hair when I go out. I am very thankful for air conditioning.

I have been super busy since my last post. I have assisted a friend and beginner quilter to accomplish making a baby quilt and matching doll quilt for her great niece. I taught her how to bind a quilt and how to hand sew the binding to the back of the quilt. She was very proud of her quilt as she should be. She is now contemplating her next quilt. Yes, it’s addictive even for beginners. So proud of her.

I next began work on the Paper Doll Quilt, “Dolly Days” is the actual name of the pattern. I was able to finish appliqueing the blocks for the outfits and make the scalloped border and get them sewn together in a quilt top and basted. I chose the spray baste method this time.

Paper Doll Quilt/Dolly Days

Let the quilting begin. I’m always nervous about me quilting the quilt as I am a beginner at machine quilting. I have been taking the on line Quilt Challenge classes by Angela Walters and am encouraged by my progress on my sample for the classes. But, translating those lessons to an actual quilt was a bit intimidating. I had chosen the pattern from my meager skillset for the background of the center doll and that went well. I had also decided to echo the scallops. The inner border I had an old hand quilting stencil that I traced and used but what to do behind the outfits? I pondered it for a day and thought I had decided to meander the whole thing (which was a cop out) but when I actually sat down and started quilting no meandering was coming out of my fingers but swirls. I am very pleased that happened because I got lots and I mean lots of practice with swirls. I would say I can successfully add that to my skillset now. I was elated with the end result. I finished it off with 1/2″ piano keys on the outer border .

I added a label and with the left over scraps I made a doll quilt. I have ordered from Etsy a rag doll to gift with the quilt so of course the doll needed a quilt for her own as well.

I have to say I am feeling very accomplished since quilting this myself. I have much much practice to do to become actually accomplished but I still feel pretty proud of myself.

What’s next????? Well, that is finishing the Friends of Baltimore quilt. All that is left is embroidering the last 3 borders, attaching them and making and inserting the connecting corner blocks. With any luck I might have that completed by October. That’s the goal. So moving right along with my bucket list until I get sidetracked with baby quilts again.

This morning I was greeted by a momma raccoon and her two babies on my back covered porch. They had discovered the bag of birdseed that had lots of sunflower seeds. I shooed them away and then momma ran back up the steps and I shooed her again and she grabbed her babies and left. I think she thought I was going to hurt her babies or maybe she was just getting the last word in. Of course I did not have my camera handy. Missed opportunity, bummer.

Although I did get a great picture of Buttercup. We have progressed to where he will let me pet him (that’s because I am the bearer of food). I am hoping to be able to get acquainted enough to pick him up so I can get him vetted and neutered. He has a very strong personality and is quite aggressive. He has gotten comfortable enough to adventure around to my front deck which oddly is where the rest of my kitties have migrated in order to avoid him. Guess what guys, he’s found you. I ‘m thinking he just wants to fit in. Hmmmmm.

Have a great day. With the heat it’s a perfect opportunity to stay in the sewing room. That’s where you will find me.

Happy Stitches

Sissy Malone


About Sissy Malone

I've been actively sewing since Jr. High School. But specifically drawn to quilting since I was 17/18 years old. My grandmother was a quilter and I became fascinated with the process. I fell in love (awestruck) is a better word viewing applique quilts by Gladys Rashka at the Minnesota State Fair in the 70's. A love affair was born of applique quilts. I still machine piece, but am always drawn to applique. I took classes learning different techniques and also traveled to California and studied a whole week at Asilomar with Elly Sienkiewicz. Quilting is my passion. I am always open to learning a new technique but still rely on handwork. View all posts by Sissy Malone

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