Pity Party for One No More

Sometimes life gets challenging.  October started out as being a beautiful autumn with unbelievably gorgeous sunshiny days and the higher temps than normal.  Everything seemed wonderful. Then boom,   I received news that my oldest cousin had died.  While still processing that information, my sister is hospitalized for pancreatitis and my oldest brother dies of a heat attack.  This all in one week’s time. My world started falling apart.   Sounds like a soap opera.  I’m thinking is all this really happening ? But painfully it was. Coping starts kicking in, one foot in front of another just like one stitch at a time.   I can relate to that.  Start processing grief survive each day until the pain starts to subside.

Then the focus changes.  I bent down to pick up some trash and something went twang straight up my back .   I can hardly walk.  Tylenol is my new best friend along with my executive lumbar chair I use in my sewing room. I am hopeful that I am on the mend.   I was able to get out of bed this a.m. without excrutiating pain radiating from my lumbar down my left leg. Game plan today is move around as little as possible and spend quality time in my sewing room.  Today, no more pity party, it is raining outside (which we absolutely need) but also a soothing healing kind of day.  Just what I need.  I am feeling comforted being cocooned in my home with my sewing surrounding me listening to the pitter patter going on outside.

Game plan,  work on Autumn Joy.  I have two blocks to finish hand appliquing then prep the next block.  That should keep me busy today.   I have homemade  “Granny’s Vegetable Beef Soup” frozen that I can put on to simmer and have the house smelling wonderful. This is my grandmother’s recipe from the farm in Arkansas and it has very holistic healing powers (wink, wink).  It’s power is a grandmother’s love.   

Back to Autumn Joy,   I am finding I really enjoy the freezer paper spray starch technique.  I am still honing my skills to where my points look as nice as what I could achieve with needle turn.  Overall, the more I do the better I am getting and developing a skill set that I am comfortable with.   Such as I don’t put starch on the fabric portion that will be part of the point and this allows me to manipulate the fabric easier to achieve the sharpest point I can.  Overall, it’s exciting to learn a new technique and be happy with the results.  I had always been in the needle turn camp.  Glad I decided to open my mind to something new.  I am soooooooo old school. 🙂   See, talking about something I love, is already making me feel better.  Thanks to all who are listening.

Sissy Malone


About Sissy Malone

I've been actively sewing since Jr. High School. But specifically drawn to quilting since I was 17/18 years old. My grandmother was a quilter and I became fascinated with the process. I fell in love (awestruck) is a better word viewing applique quilts by Gladys Rashka at the Minnesota State Fair in the 70's. A love affair was born of applique quilts. I still machine piece, but am always drawn to applique. I took classes learning different techniques and also traveled to California and studied a whole week at Asilomar with Elly Sienkiewicz. Quilting is my passion. I am always open to learning a new technique but still rely on handwork. View all posts by Sissy Malone

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